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Monday, December 29, 2008

Holiday Greetings

Though few days late already...

Hope everybody had a merry and blessed Christmas, a time with family and friends. I have saved some of text messages that I have received from friends. Posting here those that I love the most because of the message it conveys:

From my co-reviewee, Lesley:
Wishing you the timeless treasures of Christmas, the warmth of a home, the love of a family and the company of good friends. Have a blessed and happy Christmas!

From my college friend and JPIA co-officer Yvette:
I wish you peace, love, good health, good people around you and the contentment of being with a happy family. Merry Christmas!

From my officemate Inah:
For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the governance will be on His shoulders and he will be called Wonderful Counselor. Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. Isaiah 9:6 May Jesus reign in our hearts always! Merry Christmas!!

From my officemate Ryan:
May Christ come to you and your family this "Christmas" with the gift of Love, the blessing of Hope and the promise of Peace.

From my co-reviewer Mark:
Great gifts are not found in any store. The best present is stored in the hearts of people. It has unlimited supply and bears no expiry date.

From my sister in law ate Ireen:
May Christmas blessing shine on you and may the special love of Christ be with you and your family all year through.

From my brother in law kuya Arnold:
It's time to reflect the true meaning of Christmas in our lives. A Blessed Merry Christmas to you and your family!

I wish I can write here what I truly feel this holiday season. But it is something that I will keep only in my heart and my hubby's sister in law's (ate Sweet) heart as she knows some of it. LOL! These feelings made me not wish for any material things. I guess that's the lesson that I got from this experience, that true happiness cannot be bought from a store, that happiness can be obtained when you feel peace in your heart.

As for the little boy, he was very happy this Christmas, he got all of his wishes:

  • Hubby's officemate learned that the little boy wanted to have the Ben 10 ultimate omnitrix, kind of her that she bought it and gave it to the little boy as her gift.

  • For the Bakugan battle brawlers, my boss (our wedding ninang) gave him three of these then hubby's officemates gave him too so he have a total of five Bakugan now
  • While for Tech Deck, good thing his mommy2 and daddy2 gave it to him as a gift as that is one of his wishes for santa but "santa's helpers" couldn't take buying that toy for him as "they" find it so impractical. LOL!
  • Santa claus gave him the big bike. The little boy is so happy. Santa gave him a really big bike that even I can ride it. The little boy enjoyed using it around the street, he actually knows already how to ride and get off it. Too bad thought that when "santa's helpers" were looking for the safety gears, they're out of stock so ayun, nasugatan ang little boy sa tuhod when he fall off. Good thing it was a small scratch at hindi naman sya nadala to ride the bicycle. And another good thing that we were able to see knee pads, elbow pads and hand guard from SM toy section in Megamall the other day so the only thing lacking now is the helmet and his all geared up.

  • Our gift for the little boy is a billiards table. Funny, as it is not only the little boy who enjoyed, even the titos and lolos are playing it.

Obviously, hubby and I are not thrilled on buying toys influenced by Cartoon Network as we both find it overrated so good thing that he receive gifts of these toys as we'll definitely not buy those. We both agreed that we'll only buy practical toys. I guess it's also because of the fact that the little boy will only play with these toys while it's still new. He easily lose interest with these types of toys as he prefer outdoor activities.

I already took pictures of him on his bicycle but haven't uploaded it yet so will post it once I am able to empty my camera phone.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Empty and tired

That's what I'm feeling right now. Been like this eversince my exam ended at 1pm this afternoon. I've already been to the parlor, had a hair cut (a really short one), had foot spa and pedicure, been re-reading my Twilight book BUT still I feel empty, tired and lonely. I don't know if the exam was very hard but there are probably 10 questions which I have definitely guessed and then I have these answers that I initially marked with a question mark with the intention of reviewing them later on which I have never had the time to do so. I guess that's what surprised me. We had a mock exam two months ago, same format, 200 questions that we have to answer in 4 hours, I finished ahead of time, took 3 hours plus and that already includes me reviewing my answers but this time, I never had time for that. My co-examinees didn't seem to be as bothered as me, I don't know why, was it really just me who really thought that the exam was hard? I was so affected that I even shed a few tears when I got home. I am very very tired, you see, I only was able to sleep last night at past 2am or was that 3am, then I woke up at 5:15am. The little boy won't let me sleep last night. Of all the nights, that is the night he decided to stay up late and he won't even let me sleep. Eh since, sleeping has always been my problem, I can't sleep even if I am sleepy already, I was only able to sleep when he finally decided to go to sleep beside me. My MIL was even kind enough to keep him company in the living room watching cartoons while I attempt to go to sleep in our room, hubby is out for a christmas party and he's out again today for his bowling then kita-kits with highschool friends.

I don't know if for how long I'll feel this way. I hope I get over soon as it is already affecting my view of all the other aspect of my life.

I am just so tired. I know I did my best in preparing for this exam. I faithfully attended all the saturday review class, only missing a half day due to an office activity. I faithfully read the review manual three times!! the first one, before the class discussion; second time, was when we were given one month to study before the mock exam and the third time was after the mock exam and before the actual exam. I attended the group study. Even patiently studying everyday after office, sleeping at 12 midnight the earliest for that matter.

Hay... I know this post is so...frustrating. I am.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Almost back

I am almost back. I'll already have my exam tomorrow. After months of preparation and a week of leave to study, eto na ang final moment. I'm not studying today. Masunurin akong bata, as told by the reviewers, I'll rest today. So while the little boy is in school, I'll be surfing the net, reading blogs.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Droppin by

I know...I know... I haven't update this blog for so long. I am supposed to post about the following:
~ little boy's birthday in school
~ his first exam
~ his trick or treat

BUT as usual I am so busy. Busy with everything but mainly because I am preparing for my exam this December. I only have a month left to prepare so I have to treasure the precious time that I have to study. So, I apologize for this. I will definitely be back with a vengeance, but it does not mean that I won't be accessing this blog until the exam, I will but probably not much updates. But I definitely still visit your blogs. Don't worry! hindi ako magpapaiwan sa chismis.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Birthday celebration preps

The little boy is turning four on Monday and he is very excited about it. He'd attended a little too many parties of his classmates that he can't wait for his turn.

No extravagant celebration as the school discourages it (to avoid inggitan). Simple celebration only during their snack break. The little boy initially wanted a Thomas the Train themed party, unfortunately, looks like I still have to buy the party things in the US as we did not see anything available here. Good thing the little boy agreed for a Disney Pixar's Cars theme. We bought the following this morning in Toy Kingdom, Megamall:

1. Paper plates:

2. Paper cups:

3. Plastic lootbag:

4. Cone hats:

5. Inflatable balloons

I made a really simple invitation, see sample below:

Then I'll order a Cars themed cake from Ria. A sample of the cake shown below, got from her webshots album.

Tomorrow, I'll be heading to Landmark to buy the loots.

My angel

Kurt and his classmates had a presentation this morning during the 8am mass in the village. I was so teary-eyed as I can't believe that he's a big boy already. I am so proud of him as during the entire mass, he was very well-behaved even if he's far from us as he is with his classmates. They sang Angel of God and even had some actions to go with it. Funny lang the little boy as he only did the acts on the first round, on the succeeding rounds, parang nag-sink-in sa kanya na ang daming tao, natulala na. Here are some of the pics:

Kurt before the mass:

During the presentation, before priest's final blessing:

With kuya Sean:

With lola, Iyos, lolo and kuya Sean:

More of the pictures here.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Hubby's birthday celebration

Hubby celebrated his 3_th birthday last friday. I can't think of any other gift for him so bought him an orange Lacoste polo shirt instead. I'm actually thinking of buying him a new cellphone as his Globe phone badly needs replacement but that thought caught me offhand, hindi ko agad napag-isipan at napag-ipunan so I decided against it. He loved his polo shirt, kala ko lang eh he's so payat na that I bought size 3 instead of 4 so we have to go pa to Greenbelt to have the size changed. His officemates treated him for lunch in Aveneto that friday while the two of us had dinner in our favorite steakhouse, Gulliver's. Of course we ordered the prime roast beef Gulliver's cut and a glass of wine. We chose to order the wine per glass now as the last time when we ordered one bottle, si hubby lang ang umubos kasi di ko type lasa but surprisingly, this time masarap yung wine that I finished my glass while hubby ordered another one. It was a very good meal, ganda pa ng view and when we arrived there, kami pa lang dalawa, aga kasi namin. I usually order dessert after a good meal but since hubby brought with him a very big cake from his officemates, I just ordered coffee and decided to wait for the dessert at home.

Saturday night, we had a simple dinner at home naman with his side of the family.


Saw this list from BFAD's website updated today. This list contains the products that they will be testing for the presence of melamine but to be sure I think it is safer if we avoid these products now.

1. Anchor Wam Frootmilk Drink Mango Magic
2 Anchor Wam Frootmilk Orange Chill
3 Anchor Wam Frootmilk Strawberry Spin
4 Dutch Lady Pure Milk
5 Farmland Skim Milk
6 Greenfood Yili Pure Milk
7 Jinwei Drink
8 Jollycow Pure fresh Milk
9 Jollycow Slender Lowfat Milk
10 KLIM Instant Full Cream Milk Powder (1.8 Kg)
11 M&M Chocolate brown 40gm
12 Meiji Hokkaido Azuki (red bean ice cream)
13 Meiji Ujikintoki (red bean and green tea frozen confection)
14 Mengniu Original Drink Milk
15 Mengniu Pure Milk
16 Milk Chocolate Bars/China
17 Milk Chocolate Candies/China
18 Milkboy repacked
19 Milkboy repacked
20 Monmilk Breakfast Milk Walnut Milk Beverage
21 Monmilk High Calcium Low Fat Milk
22 Monmilk High Calcium Milk
23 Monmilk Milk Deluxe Pure Milk
24 Monmilk Pure Milk
25 Monmilk Suan Suan Ru Sour Milk Beverage (Mango Flavor)
26 Natural Choice Milk Ice bar
27 Nespray
28 Nestle Carnation Calcium Plus Non Fat Milk Powder (1.6 Kg)
29 Nestle Chocolate flavor Ice Cream Cone
30 Nestle Dairy Farm Pure Milk
31 Nestle Vanilla Flavor Ice Cream Cone
32 Nutri Express Milk
33 Nutri-Express 15 Nutritional elements (blue, red and orange label and cap)
34 Nutri-Express Milk
35 Nutri-Express Milk Green Apple
36 Prime Roast cereals 28gm
37 Pura Fresh Milk
38 Snickers brown 59gm
39 Strawberry Sorbet
40 Trappist Dairy Low Fat yogurt drink
41 Vita Fresh Milk
42 Wahaha Orange
43 Wahaha Yellow
44 Want Want Milk Drink
45 Yili High Calcium 250 ml
46 Yili High Calcium Milk 1L
47 Yili High Calicium Low fat Milk Beverage
48 Yili Lowfat Milk 1L
49 Yili Milk
50 Yili Puremilk 250 ml
51 Yili Puremilk 1L
52 Yinlu Milk Peanut

I just wonder though when they'll start the testing or whether the testing is ongoing already.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

On schooling

We've decided not to move the little boy to another school. I know a lot of mommies/friends out there will react to this but after serious thinking we decided to make him stay with the current school.

Rest assured though that when we decided this, it's because we did it for Kurt. He love his current school, even his teacher and moreso his classmates, so we can't imagine taking that away from him. I guess its better this way na rin as when we move him to the other school his school service will be a tricycle and I can't imagine exposing him to a lot of pollution caused by the smoke kasi mahaba-habang tricycle ride din yun and given that it's a rainy season, kawawa naman sya. We'll again reconsider next year but I think for this school year, we'll letting him stay. And he's becoming more active now in school, I guess it helped when we talked with the teacher kasi she makes Kurt recite more often so nasasanay na sya and even raises his hand now to answer the teacher. We also got his "report card" last weekend, I wish I copied/xeroxed it but he got mostly satisfactory, MS (can't remember what this stands for). The "report card" is per activity like: goes to class early, participates actively in class, indepent, etc.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Busy busy busy

I am sooo busy that I hardly have time to open this blog and post a new entry. Busy season in the office hasn't formally started yet but I am busy with all things related to it such as planning and admin. My role as the cluster's scheduler is so hard!! add to that pa that I am studying. I have whole day classes every saturday and it doesn't end there, I have to make sure that I study every night. Then there is pa our school dilemma for the little boy which until we haven't fixed yet due to matters not within our control and matters that we can control.

I know I have some tags pending, will do it once schedule permits.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Happy Monday!

It's a monday. New week. New day of the month! It's "ber" month already. I can almost feel the Christmas spirit coming. I just can't wait to play my Christmas cds.

Have a nice week everyone! I'm off to training. Will do updates later.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

SCATTERGORIES: Answers Start With Letter J!

Thanks Tet! I'm kinda nervous and excited as there's not much words that starts with letter J!


It's harder than it looks!

Erase my answers, enter yours, send it to your friends.

*Use the 1st letter of your name to answer each of the following.

*They have to be real places, names, things. Nothing made up!

Try to use different answers if the person in front of you had the same 1st initial.

You CAN'T use your name for the boy/girl name question.



VEHICLE : Jeep?!

TV Show : Oh no! The Jetsons?

CITY : Jersey City in New Jersey, Jacksonville

BOY NAME : Jonathan


SOMETHING YOU WEAR : Jeans! wipee! madali lang

SOMETHING FOUND IN A BATHROOM : Jergens lotion! uy totoo eto ha, meron talaga

REASON FOR BEING LATE : Just plain lazy


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

School search finally over

Finally! our school search for the little boy is over! We've finally found the school that both hubby and I, and Kurt loves!

We actually limited our search to two schools only, we went there before and inquired, watched the class, talked to the teachers. And this morning, we took the little boy to the two schools to let him choose which one he likes and his decision, which is what hubby and I chose too is Parkwood Playschool. It's not within the subdivision though not really far from our area and we love the school, the program, the facilities, the teachers. They use Singapore Math so no need to send the little boy to Kumon and best of all they have Kindermusik so talagang excited na kami. It's a DAP school and when we visited them kanina, they're currently reviewing for the assessment tomorrow and friday. We'll enroll the little boy within the week as he has to start next week na kasi eksakto na simula ng 2nd quarter.

Though before we do that we have to talk pa to the little boy's current teacher.

He'll be joining the Explore Class. In addition to the normal curriculum, they have the following activities:

Monday - Yoga Monday
Tuesday - Drop Everything and Read
Wednesday - Science Experiments
Thursday - Cooking Class
Friday - Outdoor Play

They also have different community exposure every month, I think for September, they'll visit fire station, police station, Superferry and bus station. Sayang nga kasi sana andun na sya kasi when we visited last week, they were having their Linggo ng Wika festivities that in addition to the kids wearing filipino costume, they're playing luksong tinik and other filipino games then they have mga kakanin for merienda.

They will not be wearing the typical white polo and blue shorts uniform, instead, they're uniform is a blue and green polo shirt with the school logo then they can wear any shorts and shoes na. The little boy will be happy about that as he doesn't like wearing his polo.

For reading and writing, they use Sing, Spell, Read & Write program. As mentioned in their website, it is a phonic based program that uses a 36-step program of carefully sequenced steps to teach reading, writing, and spelling. Sing, Spell, Read & Write immerses kids in over 300 multi-sensory hands-on developmental readiness activities that help them learn colors, shapes, and all other concepts that lay the groundwork for learning to read.

Then for math nga, they use Singapore Math. As mentioned in their website, Singapore Math is a learning program developed in Singapore that has been adapted to various school curricula worldwide. In the Singapore Math program, children learn an understanding of the way mathematical processes work and are taught to use new skills immediately in the solving of problems.

Then as an add on, which is scheduled every tuesday and thursday, there's KinderMusik's ABC Music & Me. I'm so excited!! Finally, our school dilemma will end soon.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

SiX Layers

of me from Pat


1. Add your blog/s to the list. Feel free to add all your other blogs. It’s okey if you only post this questions in one blog as long as you answer them.
2. Get back to Me {YEN} and I’ll add your blogs to the master’s list HERE! Note that you are not ALLOWED to change the link here.
3. Copy from Start to End.
4. Tag as many friends online you know. But you don’t need to be tag in order to join.

Copy this Participants List: Me and Mine Creative in Me For the LOVE of Food Little Peanut Pea in a Pod It’s Where the HEART Is Around the World SugarMagnolias I Am Mommy All About The Memories Enchanted Play Just My Scrap Whats Up Simply Me Kitchen Deelite A Mothers Horizon In Depth A Life in Bloom Because Life is a Blessing Digiscraptology Joys iN life Life is What we Make it Photo Blog Dancing in Midlife Tune Mommy Talks Aggie Shoots. Aggie Scraps All Kinds of Me Stuff The Salad Caper Winding Creek Circle InkBabyStudios All Things Me Feels Like Home Because Life Is Fun Blessings and Beyond Mommy Earns Money Online Pinay Mommy Online Clark & Butchay’s Blog Butchay’s World Simply Jen Jenny Said So My Online World My Life in this Wonderful World Biz-N-Honey Aeirin’s Collections My Precious Niche Eds Mommy Life Just Me.. Eds My BIG Picture Merger Guru Quicker8 Insights from the Grocery Cart MindBubbles LivingtheHealthyLife VanityKit Stripe&Yellow SomethingPurple Em’s DetourJoys iN life Life is What we Make it Photo Blog Dancing in Midlife Tune Ozzy’s Mom Me,Myself+2 Kidd Designs Fun.Fierce.Fabulous Tints of My Heart when mom speaks walk on red kathycot buhay misis kathycot cooks My Random Thoughts My World Shopaholic Ties the Knot Juls Random Thoughts

– Name: Juliet
– Birth date: Feb 16
– Birthplace: Batangas, Philippines
– Current Location: Cainta, Rizal
– Eye Color: Black
– Hair Color: Black
– Righty or Lefty: Righty

– Your heritage: Filipino/Spanish (though since I'm on the healthy side now, I'm medyo chinita)
– The shoes you wore today: black office shoes from Rockport
– Your weakness: Kurt
– Your fears: death, betrayal of trust
– Your perfect pizza: amici pizza too but this one I tasted in California, kapangalan lang, haven't tasted yet the amici pizza from don bosco but so curious to try it out
– Goal you’d like to achieve in life: to be the best mom and wife (gaya-gaya kay Pat!)

– Your most overused phrase on AIM: di ko rin alam kung anong AIM
– Your first waking thoughts: hmm... do i need to be early in the office today?
– Your best physical feature: naku I don't know na! I guess eyes? nose?
– Your most missed memory: out of town vacations/out of the country trips

– Pepsi or Coke: Coke
– McDonald’s or Burger King: Mc donalds
– Single or group dates: Single
– Adidas or Nike: Nike
– Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: Nestea
– Chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate
– Cappuccino or coffee: Coffee

– A famous person, dead or alive, would you interview: Princess Diana
– Movie can you watch and say the lines along with the actors: Notting Hill, My Bestfriend's Wedding, Chances Are
– Name two of your passions in life : my family and our future house (?)
– Least favorite time of day: after lunch. I am so sleepy!!

– Use hairspray or gel: gel to hold my small curls
– Your favorite meal: breakfast!
– Color inside your head when you close your eyes: tried it now, but I can't seem to see the color
– Listen to classical music: yup, sometimes when I want to relax or study
– Ever said LOL in real life without thinking about it: Nope


I'm tagging Iyos

Louis Vuitton Bags

I have never read my egroup's email in a month. And since I am so stressed out in work this morning due to the training I am conducting plus the pressure from home due to the search for the little boy's preschool, I tried to relax and read the tons of unread email digest from the group. Lo and behold! the most popular topic is LV bag. It is so funny reading all the email exchanges, halo-halo! all the LV fanatics went out and all the LV dreamers plus some who can't imagine why someone would buy bags as expensive as LV. I almost went out of my lurking mode and react pero I feel it's so gasgas na to react na so I just decided to write my opinion and feelings about the topic here.

First, a few months ago, I am one of those people who can't imagine why many people are so obsessed with LV (given that ang dami-dami namang fake! and mind you, some fake are hard to distinguish ha! they look authentic) and I remember even saying to a close male officemate that I can't believe why people buy them (again, madaming fake! so parang di worth it to buy authentic) and I don't really see myself spending more than P10,000 for a bag. E ngayon pa nga lang, di na ko makabili ng more than P5000 na bag eh!

Then, just a few months back too, my opinion/thoughts changed. I guess the conversion was brought about too with what my male officemate told me too. Sabi nya, wag ka magsalita ng tapos, you'll never know that probably time will come you will buy too. Some people buy it because they can really afford it and given their position or status in life, they have to have it. At dun ako napaisip.

I guess it boils down to whether the person can really afford it. For me, it's unreasonable if buying these luxury items would a have a big damage on the family budget. Wag naman yung tipong the cost of the bag eh isang buwang sweldo na. Though syempre, marami pa ring argument dun, like yun other reason ko below. That for some, even if it will cost them much, ok lang kasi that's their fetish/collection/obsession.

Pero kung tipong ikaw eh katulad ng mga pamilya ng mga Ayalas, Lopezes, Cojuangco's at kung sino-sinong mayayaman dyan eh no question about it talagang para sa yo ang LV, no dent on the pocket! LOL!

On the other side of the coin naman.

Some, they really save for it and consider it as their reward for hardword. Ako, I do not question this. We work really hard to sustain our family's lives and we sometimes need reward or pampalubag loob man lang for all our hardwork. Pareho lang to ng traveling eh, not all people can always afford to go on vacation and usually vacations cost a lot of money and dents our savings BUT we still go for it kasi we deserve it. We need the break, we need that reward.

Next, each person have their own fetish/obsession. Some are obsessed with cars and car accessories, others are obsessed with cameras and all the expensive lens, filters and other accessories that goes with it. Others naman are obsessed with their hobby or sports like golf, diving, etc. All of these also need expensive equipments/gadgets. So, I guess ganun din eto. Medyo mas parang may judgement nga lang kasi most people questions na "bag lang yan" and "mostly brand lang ang binabayaran" though I was educated from the egroup that an LV bag can be passed on too to next generation due to its very good quality. At pwede pa palang isangla na parang jewelries!

As for me, nope, I don't have an LV bag yet. Of course, I sometimes or more often dream to own one, most especially the Neverfull MM, Batignolles Vertical and Alma Epi, andyan din ang Montorgueil PM, Lockit Nomade. Ang haba ng listahan!! LOL! Hindi naman masama mangarap di ba! But for now, I really don't think I will buy one, I am still on the stage na it's impractical for me to buy it and that I know I will feel guitly (more than feel happy) when I buy one due to a lot of factors na hindi related sa asawa at anak ko. Asawa ko pa? sabihin nya lang sa kin eh, ikaw? pera mo yan eh!

But of course, I do hope and wish that someone will give it to me as a gift.

And oh, I have one secret I'll share, I vowed to myself that once I reached the "coveted" position in our office, then I'll buy one. Though eto medyo matagal-tagal pa yata eto kahit na yun na ang next level ko. Tipong 5-10 years?!

I super love bags too! I just haven't reached the "designer" level yet though which I am glad sa ngayon kasi at least hindi ako sobrang naglalaway sa inggit! LOL!

For now, I am dreaming and hoping that I will finally own a more affordable authentic leather bag, that is, Fino.

Pahabol na isip: Na-realize ko rin how I progressed sa bag addiction ko.
- Nung nag-aaral ako ng college, obsession ko lang nun are the Gift Gate bags and Giordano messenger bag.
- When I started to work, it became Girbaud bags
- Then the Lacoste fever started at grabe ang obsession ko sa Lacoste that until now I'm almost not over it yet
- I went to the states and became so ga-ga with Nine West, RL, Liz Claiborne and Tommy Hilfiger bags! sobrang mura kasi dun! Hindi nakakapanghinayang! And I also have dollar allowance then so affordable talaga.
- Ngayon, I am itching to own a Fino bag kasi ang bango-bango ng leather and the styles are so classic na pang-office talaga.

Hmmm... I wonder where will this bag obsession will take me next?? buti na lang di ko pa nabibili si Fino, at least di pa ko uusod. LOL!!

Oh, and one more additional point. Policy ko kasi sa sarili ko ngayon is I don't want to invest on things/items na madaling i-fake kasi minsan di ako magaling magdala baka mapagkamalang fake pa ang dala ko! Insulto naman di ba! Might as well avoid buying easy to fake items na lang until I am sure na proven authentic user ako. LOL!! Naalala ko tuloy sabi ng friend ng husband ko na nagtatrabaho sa Singapore, that in Singapore, pag Pinay ang may dala ng LV, usually suspected fakes! it's just so unfair!! but I guess they have a basis for saying that.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Just sharing some experience re: Cebu Pacific

This was not my own experience, only got this from my egroup but since I've been hearing a lot of bad feedbacks about the carrier, I've decided to post it here, with the same hope as the sender that this gets to the management of Cebu Pacific.


I have been flying to and from Manila and Cagayan de Oro every month
and I've normally enjoyed flying. I've tried all the airlines and
have concluded that apart from the usual delays and little
imperfections, every company seemed satisfactory. That is, until
August 1, 2008 when I had the most horrible and unfortunate incident
with Cebu Pacific.

My flight was scheduled at 2:50 PM. I was excited because this was
the first day that the NAIA terminal 3 had opened so I opted for an
early check in. I arrived at 1:00 PM and had a normal, uneventful
check in. Shortly after I got my boarding pass, I proceeded to the
inner terminal. As I passed through security and x rays, the next
sight that I saw was shocking. Instead of the usual airport bustle
and people orderly going to their boarding gates, I saw hundreds of
confused passengers trying to ask anyone for help. Some were sitting
on the floor with their luggage, others just looked lost.

I tried to look for any directional signs to where I was supposed to
go. As I looked at my boarding pass to get information, I noticed
that the space for the boarding gate was blank! After wandering
around for a few minutes, I found a girl in a Cebu Pacific shirt. She
directed me to a tiny crowded counter. There, surrounded by hundreds
of noisy passengers was one girl who was as confused as we were. She
couldn't give any concrete information about any of the flights!

After 30 minutes of waiting, she asked us to go down to the boarding
gates and wait. That was 3:00 PM, past our flight time. We went down
and waited for 30 minutes, only to be told that the flight was
further delayed and that our new boarding gate was back upstairs.

Carrying our heavy luggage, we went up several flights of stairs and
waited for boarding. At 4:30 PM, we finally boarded the plane. After
30 minutes of waiting, the pilot announced that the flight has been
cancelled because it was too late to fly and it was impossible to
land in CDO airport when its dark!

We went down the plane angry and confused. When we asked the crew
what the reason was, they said that the flight couldn't take off
because thirteen passengers were missing! Of course, how would these
poor lost passengers know what was going on? The ground crew didn't
have a PA system and the Cebu Pacific people were giving vague
information. We also found out that several other flights were
cancelled that day due to their incompetence.

We waited in front of the counter while a girl was giving us flimsy
excuses and asking us to pick up our luggage. There was no
representative from management to at least apologize to us. They said
there was none present at the airport. This was highly impossible as
I saw Cebu Pacific top officials having a lunch party at the area
adjacent to the check in counters! Don't tell me they didn't know
what was going on!

People were fuming mad. After a while, they told us that there will
be a special flight for us at 5 am and that they were going book us
in a hotel and that the shuttle bus was waiting outside.

We waited for the bus for 30 minutes. We were about a hundred thirty.
Finally two buses (capacity about 40 plus each) and the staff stuffed
us in. We felt like sardines during the 30 minute ride.

To add insult to injury, they brought us to a dank, sleazy hotel
somewhere in Malate where prostitutes were lurking in the doorway,
offering sex and massage to the foreigners who were with us. The
passengers included several minors whose parents were shocked at this
too. The rooms were musty and the included in the list of items in
the bathroom item menu were local and imported condoms! It was
disgusting! They put us in a motel! And according to the staff this
was their "official hotel"! This airline's sister companies are
Holiday Inn and Crowne Plaza!!!! Why didn't they put us in there?
They then offered us a poor meal at around 8:30 in the evening.

They woke us up at 1 AM, put us on the bus at 2 AM, gave us packed
food on the bus (half a bangus and rice) but they didn't give us any
water or drink!

We arrived at the terminal at 2:30PM, lacking sleep and very tired.
We were shocked to be told that there was no special check in lane
and we had to go and check in like the other new passengers. One
foreigner, who was a doctor who came for a Charitable medical mission
in Mindanao yelled something like this: " Get me out of the
Philippines!" This is horrible! " Another foreigner, who was a pilot
for an airline told us that he has never experienced such
incompetence, unprofessionalism and humiliation in his life because
of a delayed flight. Not only did Cebu Pacific make their passengers
mad, they have shamed our country!

At this point, we got mad and demanded that a special lane be
provided for us. The duty manager didn't come until 30 minutes after
and the people in the counters were rude to us. They were not
listening and they were turning their backs to us whenever we'd talk
to them.

We finally got to check in after we made a big fuss. When they handed
us our boarding pass, they told us to go to gate 131. Our boarding
time was supposedly 4:30 AM. We waited for thirty minutes, only to
be told that we should transfer to gate 134 and that the flight was

In counter 134, passengers were demanding for the one way ticket
travel voucher that was promised to us. They gave it only after an
hour and after we asked for it and the counter clerk told us we had
to pay travel and fuel taxes! The nerve of management to put us
through this and give us something worth nothing! Meanwhile, another
flight delay was announced.

At this point, we demanded that the duty manager speak to us. The
counter personnel was giving excuses. We asked for names and they
could just give us first names and they said they didn't know the
officers' family names because they were "just newly hired"!

We made our own initiative and proceeded to the check in counter to
demand for the duty manager. We finally talked to her and we demanded
that she apologize and explain to us passengers why this all
happened. We also told her to provide food especially for the

On the way back to the terminal, the manager was stopped by
passengers from other flights asking for directions. One angry
foreigner who missed his Dumaguete flight was so upset! It turns out
that we were not the only ones inconvenienced by their incompetence.

When we finally got to gate 134, we told the manager to make the
announcements. Another person arrived with a radio. We overheard that
there were no available plane for us! They lied to us! They never
arranged for a special flight! They were about to announce another
flight cancellation when people went wild. The manager had no choice
but to request that the plane from Butuan be given to us.

A staff member arrived and they announced that they were going to
give us breakfast. They distributed 2 packets of Dewberry cookies and
the tiniest mineral water bottle for each passenger! They call that
breakfast? After approximately seven hours of waiting deprived of
sleep, they couldn't even offer us a decent meal! There were more
that 10 children there and when we asked that they at least given
some Jollibee breakfast, the manager said "We're sorry but we cant do
anything. This is all the management allowed to give us.". How could
they do this to us?

Finally, after what seemed like forever, we boarded the plane at
around 9:00 AM. When we took off, the passengers applauded. A few
minutes after, the flight was completely quiet because all of us were
tired. We slept but not soundly enough, being constantly reminded
about the nightmare that we had just gone through.

We got to Cagayan de Oro and we were thankful to be safe. However, we
all resolved to relate this horrible experience to all our family and
friends until it reaches Cebu Pacific management. We also all signed
a manifesto/complaint to be submitted to concerned agencies so that
this unfortunate incident wouldn't be duplicated.

To date, we are still hearing of cancelled flights and complaints
because of incompetence from Cebu Pacific management and staff. We
could understand that no one is perfect but there is no excuse for
treating people badly. We were not expecting VIP treatment although
some airlines give this to their inconvenienced passengers. What made
this all intolerable was that fact that we were not treated as human
beings. We especially pity the children who had experienced this
ordeal. Their innocence has been marred by an airline's lack of
consideration and disrespect for their customers.

We hope that if this reaches the management, they will do something
to rectify this mistake. They just lost more than 70 passengers and
they will lose so much more soon.

This is a horrible experience that anyone shouldn't be able to go
through. I hope it doesn't happen to any of you.

May Salvana - Unchuan

We are the passengers of Cebu Pacific Air flight 5J 389 on August 1,
2008 (2:50 PM flight) and we would like to warn people to think twice
before flying with them. Their advertorials say "Cebu Pacific is
committed to giving you quality service at the lowest airfare
possible and now, with our brand new Airbus fleet, we believe it's
time every Juan flies." - Today, we have proven that this is a lie!
They don't care about passengers. They have lousy service. The ad
should go, "Cebu Pacific is committed to giving you the lowest
airfare possible and because you paid for cheap seats, we can't give
you any service." At least they could've just been honest.


Sayang naman Cebu Pacific, they got a big market share na nga because of their promos kaso if they keep on having these kinds of booboo mawawala lahat ng customers nila. Btw, I cut the message short as supposed to be, the names of all the passengers will be listed but due to space constraints (masyado nang mahaba ang email), I removed their names na lang.

I love shopping!

Thanks Carla for this tag!

I love shopping! and it means buying of anything. I love to do the grocery, I love going to bookstore, I love looking for clothes. It actually depends on what I feel like buying as of a particular moment. Like yesterday, my target was the bookstore, I "hoarded" Kumon workbooks and other preschool workbooks as the little boy loves answering them when I get home from work. Then on my way back to office from NBS, I passed by Keihl's and oh my!! I hoarded naman facial products. Another new addiction is that eversince Bayo opened in Greenbelt 5, it became my habit to check for their new stocks, I guess it just shows how I am missing Glorietta 2 as Bayo and Kamiseta are both there.

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SHOPAHOLICS : 1.) A Slice of Life 2.) Jenny Said So 3.) Simply Jen 4.) This and That 5.)Bargain.Sales.Deals. 6.) Me and Mine 7. ) Little Peanut 8.) Creative in Me 9.) Pea in a Pod 10. The Shopaholic in Me 11.) Life's Simple Pleasures 12.) My Planet Purple 13.) Women With Xtarordinary 14.) Women With Extraordinary Life 15.) Princess Vien 16.) Me, Myself and I 17.) Feeling 18.) after the i do 19. Juls Random Thoughts

{end copying here}

Search for new preschool

To address our concerns regarding the little boy's school as posted here. Our search for the little boy's preschool is still not over. I started looking by going through the archives of our egroup, reading the discussion about traditional vs. progressive from moms exchange, then searched for a preschool near our area from

So far, last friday, I was able to visit one preschool inside the village, name is Reggio Children Preschool House, the school is newly constructed, Kurt and I went there together, they have a small student population. For Nursery, only 8 students are currently enrolled. Though they mentioned that the Nursery students are aged 3 years old, mostly turning four next year pa and since Kurt will turn four this year, they said that if we decide to enroll Kurt here, they will assess him and see if pwede na sya sa Kinder 1 though ako I prefer that he stay in Nursery as it is his first year to study. A hesitation about this school is the schedule, they only have morning session, which is 9am-12noon so it will be a big adjustment for the little boy though di pa rin naman ganung kaaga. I was not able to observe an actual class ongoing as they are having their snacks when we went there then we left din agad kasi the little boy has a 10am class pa. I'm thinking of going back there one of these days pag naka-visit na kami ng isa pang alternative.

Our next choice is Parkwood Playschool, mas malayo ng konti, we haven't visited the school yet but called them already and visited their website. They are progressive, though I think it's mixed na kasi they have workbooks na rin, to be confirmed though once we get the chance to visit the school.

We're actually trying to select muna schools within the area but if talagang walang ok that's when we'll move farther but still within the Pasig area.

So far, my choices are:

Cambridge Child Development Center - Valle Verde 1
Creative Learning School - Kapitolyo
H.A.T.C.H Education - San Joaquin (hubby's nephew's current school and we've been receiving good feedbacks from his brother and SIL)
Second Mom - beside Brent, near Ultra (very expensive though)

But I do hope that we can find one that we like in either Reggio or Parkwood Playschool as these are nearest to our place. Though, as of now, parang I am more inclined on Parkwood Playschool as they offer KinderMusik and they use Singapore Math. Sana talaga we find one na ASAP as the second trimester will start na on September 1 so we only have a 1 1/2 week to decide.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Spread The Blog Love

Thanks Tet for this and I am flattered with your comment regarding these pictures that I took.

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I'm passing this to Jane, Pat, Rocks and Cez.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Let's see how much I've travelled

Saw this in Chico's blog and I decided to take the test again. I did this already last year as can be seen here and looks like I still have the same grade. I wonder when will I become a B!

My Lakbayan grade is C+!

How much of the Philippines have you visited? Find out at Lakbayan!

Created by Eugene Villar.

Wala Lang

Wala lang.. Just saw these in my My Pictures folder. Just sharing. These pictures were taken in Beijing, China.

Online diva

Thanks Tet for this! finally, had the time to do the tags.

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Reasons why I am an Online Diva:

Litzie - It helps me pass time when I’m at work and don’t have any patient to attend to.

Kathycot - Because it serves as my past time plus it gives me moolah for my kapricho's

Vannie - I am an online DIVA simply because I am 100% ME online. No pretensions, no lies all me. Love me or hate me, I really don't care as long as I'm being true and honest, then I'm happy.

Eds – I looove being online the whole day and I’m definitely addicted to blogging (even at work but with exception- when I’m with Aj- Family First!)

Tet - I can't seem to survive the day without opening my laptop or blogging. It helps me lessen the stress and at the same time serves as an outlet to share about my life & family.

Juliet - Because internet is my link to the outside world, I love reading stories about other people's daily living thru their blogs, I do a lot of research in the internet. For me, it's like a gateway for me to be out of where I am currently at.

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Passing this to Cez, Maver, Em and Meeya

Thrilling Twenty

I was tagged by Cez

The rules are simple...


2. Take a pic of it and post it on your blog.

3. Link back to Maver's site.

4. Give Maver a shoutout so that she can include your thrilling-twenty in the round-up.

So my thrilling twenty snacks....

Ok, I won't cheat, I honestly don't know how much it costs now as I am not usually the one who buys this in the office, parasite lang ako, meaning nanghihingi. LOL! but whenever I see this naku I ought to have it and I remember before that everytime makakita ako sa grocery, I always buy.


I changed my mind, after seeing Maver's post I suddenly remembered our favorite merienda in the office, turon from Jollijeep and nilagang sweet corn sold by the SMS of our building.

Now, I'm passing on this tag to Tet, Jane, Jody and Nol! Let's see what you can buy for P20! = )

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Just ranting about the little boy's school

I am truly disappointed with my son's preschool. Haayy... I have actually been contemplating and thinking last year pa whether to send him to a progressive school but since sending him to a progressive school would require getting a service or somebody to bring him there and take him home as there's no progressive school near our place. I think the nearest is Second Mom which would require service as both hubby and I are working. We've decided to enroll him in the neighborhood school since it is his first time to go to school, so we thought that sending him there is the best choice kasi walking distance lang so di sya mahihirapan mag-adjust. H's currently 3.5 yrs. old and I never actually saw the importance of sending him to school last year as he has a lot of people to interact with at home eh for me, sending a child to school early (eg. 2 yrs old) is only necessary for the socialization aspect.

So what are my frustrations? it's too traditional!! napipikon ako actually. First, was about the comment that my son doesn't know how to color properly when in fact he's only one month in school so honestly, I wouldn't expect him to master that. We let him color at home pero we don't pressure him to make it perfect. When I saw the workbook, honestly for me, the way he colors is what is expected of his age BUT his teacher thinks otherwise. Second, just today, my MIL told me that the teacher told the helper, who stays in the class to wait for the little boy, that the little boy doesn't know how to write letter "B". Again!! I am so pikon, why? at Nursery ba it is expected for them to know these things already? Sobrang old school na ba ko? Eh honestly, sobrang bilib pa ako sa little boy when I saw one of his workbook last weekend. I was a bit surprised and happy that he's studying and knows na the following:

- big and small
- over and under
- the same and different
- identifying patterns

Now, I really want him to move to a new school. Why? kasi ayokong as young and early as know eh maka-feel na sya ng pressure in schooling or worse inferiority complex as I remember the last time I visited the school eh merong pinapagalitan ang teacher kasi hindi pa marunong and I am not the only one who witnessed that, even MIL overheard the teacher na may pinapagalitang kinder kasi hindi pa rin sya natututo. I don't want that for my son! he's too young for that. It's his first time to go to school and he's only nursery, are they really required to know how to write the ABC already? And medyo parang lalo pa kong nainis kasi kitang-kita how traditional the school is by the sequence of letters taught, it is alphabetical. In Kumon workbook kasi, they start with the simple letters like I, T, L, E then goes harder and harder.

I really don't know what to do. I want him out of that school but can we find another school that will accept him this late? and what are our options? how can I convince the husband about this as he doesn't seemed bothered at all.

I am so worried that I can't concentrate on my own studying. Help mommies please!! I am on a big dilemma that I sometimes now feel bad and guilty that I am working and ngayon pa, studying so lesser time to teach the little boy.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Beijing Olympics Update: Team USA vs. China

We're currently watching the basketball game between Team USA and China and what can I say but wow! super heart pumping fast game. They are both so galing that I can't get my eyes off the tube to type this entry. However, I want to remember this game so I am writing about it as it happens.

Team USA's line up that I've noticed because so galing: LeBron James (Cleveland Cavaliers), Kobe Bryant (LA Lakers), Dwight Howard (Orlando Magic), Jason Kidd (Dallas Mavericks), Dwayne Wade (Miami Heat). Other players, I'm not that familiar na.

As for China, Yao Ming is playing for them but I heard he initially doesn't want to join but was warned of being banned by the Chinese government so in 2006, Yao Ming apologized and they took him back. For the other players, no idea who they are but galing nila ha.

Anyhow, to go back to the game, I forgot how good it feels to watch a very good game. During the past 1st quarter, China's game is so good, they are almost always ahead of the Team USA thought the it ended with Team USA ahead with a score of 20-16. Come 2nd quarter, the Team USA played the way I am hoping them to be. It ended at 49-37 in favor of Team USA. Yehey! that went by so fast. I wonder what will happen in the second half.

The popularity of this match, Coke even have a commercial of Team USA vs. China in basketball, oh di ba!

Ok, I'll be concentrating on watching na, I'll just update once the game is over.

End of 3rd quarter, 74-48 still in favor of Team USA. China is good in 3points while USA naman puro dunks, tangkad kasi nila eh.

Looks like team USA will win this game but how will team USA fair when they played against the European countries? hmmm...

Final score: 101-70 in favor of team USA

To do's tonight

I finally have the time to blog. I am listing here the tags that I have to do so I won't forget them, baka mabaon na sa cbox ko = )

1. Cez tag about my cheap snack below P20 as seen here
2. Tet's online diva tag here
3. Em's tag in her about food blog, sis, no exact link on the tag so I just guessed that it's about kids fear/food factor as I've seen here. Ay funny, you included na pala the exact link on the next message.
4. Visit and hear new chikas from my fave blogs.
5. Browse and look for a new layout, I'm growing tired with the look of my blog.

And lastly, attempt to study wordpress and/or having my own domain as I so want to go back to earning those $$$

So these are my to do's. Hoping to be able to do all of them tonight before the little boy goes down and attempts to turn off my laptop again.

I hate this chores

A very long overdue tag from Em. Been so busy with the trainings I've been conducting in the office.

This meme is pretty simple.
Here are the rules:
1.) List down the household chores you hate and why. Do you think you can survive without helpers and nannies?
2.) Copy the image.
3.) Tag as many girlfriends you want, the daddies and hubbies can also join.
4.) Add your blog's link in the domesticated divas linky love. You can add all your blogs.
5.) Leave ME a comment and I'll add you up in the masterlist.

My answer: I don't like major cleaning. I can manage maintenance cleaning but the general cleaning, I hate scheduling and doing it, but once I start doing it though, dire-diretso ako. Lot of factors why, I perspire so much so I hate that feeling na pawis tapos ang dumi-dumi. I also have allergic rhinitis so grabe ang "hachu!" while cleaning. I also easily get pimples so expect after a major cleaning, labas ang pimples kasi nga pawis, mainit then madumi.

Friday, August 08, 2008

It is the Day

Wow! to be able to experience this part of history. To be able to be alive when 08.08.08 actually happened. So many things happening today.

On my way to work this morning, while listening to my favorite morning companion, RX 93.1's The Morning Rush by Chicco and Delamar, I heard four greetings for wedding and that is in a span of 45 minutes. I can just imagine how a lot of couples decided to get married today and I can just imagine how many pregnant moms have decided to be induced for caesarean today so that their kids will have the 08.08.08 birthday. But what is galing is that one of my officemate's daughter turned eight years old today. That's really great huh?! turning 8 on 08.08.08

And today, as planned, is the opening of the summer olympics in Beijing, China. It will happen at exactly 8:00 pm tonight and this morning, again, I heard from RX93.1, this time on my way to the office from the client before lunch, that a motorcade with cyclists supporting the Beijing Olympics, started with their motorcade from Quezon City Hall at 08:08 this morning and they passed by Marikina, Pasig, going to Mandaluyong, Makati, Manila and final destination is Pasay, in SM Mall of Asia just in time for the opening ceremonies tonight. Looks like there's going to be a party as well in MOA.

Well for me, so far so good. I am oh so busy but everything's been doing well. I was actually wishing to have made a post at 08:08 this morning, unfortunately, I'm already on my way to the client.

So, here's my 08.08.08 post!

An update at 6:34 PM, I was about to search something in Google when I noticed this

Cute di ba!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Kurt in Avilon Zoo

Last June 29, our cluster in the office had an outreach activity. We took 21 kids from Asosacion de Damas Filipinas to Avilon zoo and the members of the cluster with kids were able to take our own kids instead of the kids from the orphanage. Kurt had a lot of fun and funny cause he thinks that Avilon zoo is forest due to lush trees and plants. Poor boy as the zoo he's seen so far is Manila zoo last September as posted here, here and here. Below are the pics on that weekend, wasn't able to take a lot of pics as the little boy always insist on him taking the pictures.

We had lunch first in Jollibee Montalban courtesy of Jollibee themselves, the kids food were for free.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Memories of Typhoon Frank

As posted here, the little boy had a lot of fun. Below are some of the pictures of that day:

The little boy watching under the rain with his little umbrella, lolo's gardening shoes and Casper sweater:

Catching some fish with dada:

Look ma at my catch!

More fish to catch!

Look! here's another one, even Casper is looking at the catch!

The loot after several hours of "fishing" and fun!

I have to post here too the photos of the boy while having a bath on the rain, they did that during the morning and had this fishing fun late afternoon.

Power of Prayer

Got this prayer tag from Em. Let us all pray for them. Sending this to Tet, Mia, and Jody.

Prayer for the MV Princess of the stars fatalities and survivors.Dear God, we pray that you comfort each bereaved family everyday as they grieved for their loss, we pray that you will supply all their needs, we pray for the survivors that they may have a good life after the tragedy, that you will bless them and let them know in the deepest part of their heart that in spite of what have happened, you LOVE and CARE for them. This we pray in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen. I encourage everyone to keep the prayer going. LET’S P.U.S.H. (PRAY UNTIL SOMETHING HAPPENS).We Prayed: 1. Through The Rain 2. God’s gift 3. The Adventures of Dong and Jing 4. Me, Myself and I 5. malditang bunso’s journal 6. Underneath It All 7. 100% Kelly 8. My Colorful World 9. Living the Healthy Life 10. Em'sDetour 11. VanityKit 12. MindBubbles 13. SomethingPurple 14. Stripe&Yellow 15. Juls Random Thoughts

Something Special

A very delayed tag from Tet. Sorry sis for the delay, thanks a lot for this!

~Start Copy Here~
1. Copy from start to finish2. This letter should be pass on to your closest friends online.3. Add your name and URL blog HERE!! .1. Wheng 2. Hazel 3. Janeth Vicy's Life Journey 4. A Sweet Taste Of Life 5. Juls Random Thoughts
4. Get back to Me [WHENG] and leave a comment once you’ve passed on the letter. Will then visit your site to make sure your links are complete and proper.
5. To ensure everyone receives equal link benefit, UPDATE your list regularly!

It's true I have never seen you

and we have never met,

Never shaken Hands oreven truly hugged and yet!

I know for sure you care for

me by the kindness that you give.

And our keyboards keep us

together doesn't matter where we live.

So I give you this gift to

put a smile on your face

and to let you know in my

heart you have a special place.

~End Copy Here~

To my online buddies, who I never fail to visit everyday. Here's one for you: Jane, Jody, Ems, Pat, Maver and Mia

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

7 Random Things About Me

Jody tagged me and I remember doing this before when my blog was very new so I went back and saw my post about this back in June 26, 2007.

The rules:
A. List these rules on your blog.
B. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog.
C. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
You’ll have to read on for my 7 facts and see who I tagged.

My answer, I think I'll copy most of what I've written on my original post about this.

1. i belong to a family of 6, 3 girls and 3 boys and i am the youngest. i am a menopausal baby, my mother was 42 years old when she gave birth to me and the age gap between me and my eldest sister is 15 years. i am also the only girl that my 3 brothers were able to "control" since my other 2 sisters are older than them. i never became close with my siblings because of the age gap. and oh, i was conceived because my parents are on vacation in Bicol = D (wow!! too much for #1, parang ang dami na agad nito ah.)

2. i did not gain this much weight because of pregnancy. in fact, i think i only gained max of 25lbs. the entire pregnancy and this includes yung pagbawi sa lost weight nung 1st trimester. so when? i gained weight after i stopped breastfeeding, so that was 7 months after i gave birth. i was so excited to finally have the chance to drink coke again, coffee and chocolates. my three favorite food/drinks!

3. i only had two boyfriends, one was in highschool - illegal pa kasi bawal pa ko mag-boyfriend nun and sinagot ko lang sya kasi ang tagal na nya nangliligaw sa kin. second, in college - he became my hubby na = )

4. i am shy and not outgoing. i seldom initiate conversation.

5. i love daydreaming. until now, i do it.

6. i want to study either culinary, interior design, make-up

7. same as jody, i am a spa-addict! i always go for a weekly massage, and whenever I feel stressed in the office, I go to the nearby spa and have an hour and 1/2 massage.

I'm tagging Tet, Quel, Pat, Maver, Rocks, Nol and Mia.


Sunday, July 13, 2008

Kurt dancing Soulja Boy

After dancing Low, he requested for Soulja Boy.

This video was taken this morning.

Kurt in First Step

Aimee (hubby's SIL) is a preschool teacher in First Step and one day, they brought Kurt there. He was still 2 1/2 years old then.

Kurt doing ABC flashcards

Got this too from Aimee's multiply site, Kurt was still 2 1/2 years old.

Kurt on puzzles

Got this from Aimee's multiply site. A video of kurt taken last year when he was 2 1/2 years old.

Kurt dancing Low

Kurt dancing Low by Flo Rida. This video was taken just this morning.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Sweet Award

Thanks Jane for this. Only noticed this today.

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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Our daily schedule...

Jane wants to know our daily schedule, so here it goes...

Our schedule is kinda weird, I am a working mom but I don't do alarms, no required time to be in the office so if I don't have a morning meeting, I don't really care as to what time I wake up so my alarm is either hubby or Kurt. But generally, here's our schedule:

6:00am - Kurt wakes me up for dede (yes, he still drinks dede at night - did not bother weaning him yet kasi yoko mawala ang love nya for milk) then we both go back to sleep, OR, if he slept early the previous night, he'll wake us up na shouting: "Wake up! wake up! di na dark! wake up!" LOL!

7:30am - Hubby wakes me up. Kurt's class starts at 11am so no rush in the morning but I can just imagine our schedule next year when he finally moves to big school.

7:35am - Hubby wakes me up again, I am such a sleepy head that he has to wake me up several times, on really tamad days, I just let him leave me and I take my own car to work

7:40ish - Have breakfast

8:00ish - Take a bath, change to office attire, prepare for office

8:30ish - Prepare Kurt's undies (brief and sando), socks, lampin as punas sa likod then check if he has clean uniforms (sometimes I do this na before going to sleep). Prepare his baon - if it needs cooking, but if cookies or cereals lang, prepared na the night before and now, usually MIL asks me na the night before if the little boy wants to bring rice kasi sya na ang nagpeprepare ng ulam I just add rice, juice and water in his lunch box.

8:45ish - Three of us rides the car, yes three of us kasi Kurt gets his daily dose of driving lesson with dada. Hubby lets him drive with him around the block then off we go to office. Kaya sobrang alam nya ang left and right because of this driving

9:30ish - Office

12noon - 2pm - Lunch with officemates or in Glorietta for windowshopping then just takeout lunch

7pm-8pm - Depends on when hubby is ok to go as he usually has either basketball or jogging with officemates, we go home na

8:35 - 9pm - dependes on traffic, have dinner at home, watch LOBO (the only teleserye I watch) LOL! or pag nasa mood we eat out or go shopping

9:15pm - if little boy's still awake, we ask him about school, ask what he wants as baon the next day - as in we'll go through the process of him looking at his pambaon then choose, then kulitan sa bed, read LOTs of books

10:00pm-10:30pm - puts him to sleep - if he had a nap, he usually sleeps at past 11pm

10:30pm-12mn - watching tv with hubby or blogging

We have a different schedule though on Mondays kasi hubby has bowling tournament on Mondays, eh since I don't usually drive on Mondays as coding ako, I go with him. We leave the office at 7pm to get to Robinsons Place Manila by 8pm - he'll go bowling while I do window shopping then we get home past 10pm and usually the little boy's sleeping na.

Our unofficial rule is if we arrive the prior night na tulog na si little boy we make it up the next morning by playing with him longer before going to work.

Then on fridays, I usually also would bring my car as I want to be home early unless may gimik kami ni hubby. I'll be home by past 7pm then I'll check the little boy's bag for homework then play with him na.

On days when I bring my car, I usually get home at past 7pm so more time with the little boy.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Calipangers Kita-kits

Last saturday, July 5, we had a get-together with our w@w turned n@w and more specifically knows as calipanga friends. We haven't seen each other as quorum for such a long time that I can't even remember anymore. When Raquel and Carlo had their house blessing and daughter Alyssa's 2.5 birthday last May, Quel and Songs and Lau and Jo were not there (same as the usual absentees: Benz and John, Nyree and Jasper, Ais and Joey and of course Jeanny and Edwin who's in the US na) then before that we had a Christmas dinner in Makati, wala naman sila Raquel and Carlo, and Aileen and Kristian plus the usual absentees above but Ais and Joey was there. There have been a lot of plans and ayain but our schedules won't just meet. This time we decided to push through kasi mababawasan na naman kami ng isa, Jo will be leaving soon for Ukraine so that was our despidida get together for him in their house. Compared to our usual kita-kita since we had kids, this time, we decided not to bring the kids, an all adults affair. And the outcome?! we were surprised when we looked at the time kasi 4am na pala!! and we didn't notice it. We're all so surprised and happy kasi before we had kids, malimit kami mag get-together and we usually go home ng 3am or 4am and now when we meet with the kids, we usually go home at 11pm-12mn, minsan nga earlier pa but this time that we met without the kids, ganun na naman! hay naku! sarap kasi magkwentuhan eh! sapilitan pa ng uwi ang lagay na yan! because of this, we've made a pact na sana eh at least quarterly eh mag get-together ulit kami. And hopefully, our plans for a group anniversary celebration will push through! we just can't believe that we're about to celebrate five years!! and to think, the SARS (surprise anniversary celebration for the Ranas) that was organized when we were planning our wedding pa is John and Benz' 5th wedding anniversary. Parang noon feeling namin ang tagal-tagal na ng five years eh yun pala kami na yun ngayon. Grabe bilis!!

Calipanga family during our 2006 summer outing:
L-R: Lau and Jo with Danielle, Aileen and Kristian with Gabby, Rachel and Denden with Inigo, Benz and John with Kite, Jeanny and Edwin with Keogh, Me and Hubby with Kurt, Quel and Songs with Jeg

Calipanga girls (without Rachel) with Toni during Kite's 5th birthday:

L-R: Nyree, Quel, Me, Toni, Lau, Jeanny, Ais, Aileen and Raquel

Calipanga boys (without Denden) during Kite's 5th birthday:

L-R: Jasper, i think it si Ram ni Toni, Jo, Hubby, Edwin, Joey, Carlo and Songs

Funny kasi ang papayat pa namin grabe!! lahat kasi preparing for wedding pa lang.

After SARS (same night), with the Kink cake (John's surprise gift to us):

Complete kami! L-R, top row: Aileen, Laura, Nyree, Ais; L-R, front row: Rachel, Quel, Benz, Me, Raquel and Jeanny

Complete din sila: L-R, standing: Edwin, Carlo, Joey, John, Songs, Jasper and Jonathan; L-R, seated: Hubby, Denden and Kristian

During the group bridal shower organized by Benz and Tisha, few days after SARS, still in Batis Asul's place, we're holding RAquel's shower gift to us:
We had other pictures kaso most are with hubby but mostly before the wedding kasi on our get-togethers when we had kids, we seldom take pictures na.