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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Beijing Olympics Update: Team USA vs. China

We're currently watching the basketball game between Team USA and China and what can I say but wow! super heart pumping fast game. They are both so galing that I can't get my eyes off the tube to type this entry. However, I want to remember this game so I am writing about it as it happens.

Team USA's line up that I've noticed because so galing: LeBron James (Cleveland Cavaliers), Kobe Bryant (LA Lakers), Dwight Howard (Orlando Magic), Jason Kidd (Dallas Mavericks), Dwayne Wade (Miami Heat). Other players, I'm not that familiar na.

As for China, Yao Ming is playing for them but I heard he initially doesn't want to join but was warned of being banned by the Chinese government so in 2006, Yao Ming apologized and they took him back. For the other players, no idea who they are but galing nila ha.

Anyhow, to go back to the game, I forgot how good it feels to watch a very good game. During the past 1st quarter, China's game is so good, they are almost always ahead of the Team USA thought the it ended with Team USA ahead with a score of 20-16. Come 2nd quarter, the Team USA played the way I am hoping them to be. It ended at 49-37 in favor of Team USA. Yehey! that went by so fast. I wonder what will happen in the second half.

The popularity of this match, Coke even have a commercial of Team USA vs. China in basketball, oh di ba!

Ok, I'll be concentrating on watching na, I'll just update once the game is over.

End of 3rd quarter, 74-48 still in favor of Team USA. China is good in 3points while USA naman puro dunks, tangkad kasi nila eh.

Looks like team USA will win this game but how will team USA fair when they played against the European countries? hmmm...

Final score: 101-70 in favor of team USA

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