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Friday, June 30, 2006

Just starting

Ok. Now I joined the bandwagon and tried blogging. Let's see how long I'll be doing this. Actually, I think I already created a blog before but I cannot remember my user ID and password so I went again through the same process of creating a new account and since I am late in joining the bandwagon, I tried on a lot of titles before I finally found a unique one. Ok, enough with this reasoning. Let's get down to business.

First, why did I start blogging? Hmmm... I'm the type of person who wants to tell somebody what happened on my day, as in everything that happened, every little detail that counts as important for me. So, why did I resort to doing it here? well, unfortunately, my hubby (yup! I'm married) is not that happy with me telling him everything that happened on that day, something I didn't know before, to think we've been going out for eight years before we decided to get married. Probably I never learned about this because the entire time that we were gf/bf, we were always together. As in always since we were classmates during college, worked at the same office, even got assigned to the same client, which required us to be out of town for more than a year and lived in the same house, so basically, we know what's happening most of the time with each other and we have a lot to talk about that we both relate to. Now, some things have changed. A few months after we got married, hubby decided to look for a better paying job and something he would rather do than our current job. That started it all, he got his own officemate, his own clients, his own experiences, in short he went out to create his own world when before we were so used with our world. It's actually a healthy move BUT this is the disadvantage. He's just not that interested anymore on the minute details. = (

Well, I guess this is too long already for a first post. Got to stop here. Till the next time I blog.