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Thursday, February 20, 2014

One week to go!

I know...I know... I've said a couple of times that I'll be back to blogging but I never did. This time, I really am hoping to be back. You see, I am pregnant and about to give birth next week!! Yes!! I'm having a scheduled CS next weekend, Saturday, March 1. I'm giving birth in The Medical City again, my OB this time is Dra. Sheila Illescas, same OB as Faye and Aimee. Oh, and the best announcement, we're having a GIRL!!

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Reviving the Blog

Ok, now that most people are slowly leaving their personal blogs. I, on the other hand, is setting back this blog for public viewing.

Why, if you may ask?

Well, I have so many stories that I want to tell. Mostly, this time I want to focus on our travel stories. It may not be a lot but I want to document it somewhere, complete with pics, so as such, the reason for reviving this blog.

So, hoping for a more active 2013!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Daily sched in our new home

When we started living on our own, my life had a huge change as well as my schedule and my responsibilities. Not complaining though as I love managing a household. When we moved, Kurt is on his kindergarten in CSA, morning schedule. On a weekday our schedule is as follows:

Mondays: this day is different as my car is on coding. I wake up at 5:15 to take a bath then at quarter to six, I wake up Kurt, give him a bath and change him to school clothes. Once done, Kurt would wake up the dad if he's still not awake then he takes over as I need to leave already. By 7pm, I'm on my way back to house. Upon arrival, have dinner, teach Kurt with his school work then take him to sleep. When he's already sleeping I go down, cook food for the next day then work. My day would usually end at midnight.

Tuesdays to Friday: the difference is that I don't have to wake up earlier to take a bath, I prepare Kurt then when his school bus picks him up, I do either of the three: 1. go back to sleep if I've already cooked the lunch and dinner for the day the night before, 2. prepare for work if I have to be in the office early, and 3. cook if I am too tired the night before that I was not able to cook.

Also during weekdays, I already plan the menu for the following week, I have to be done by Friday because by Saturday, we go to the grocery.

I learned during the first week that it's hard to go to the grocery with no list and no idea of the food to prepare the following week I ended up going to the grocery everyday just to buy the ingredients for the food I have to cook.

It is harder but I love what I'm doing. All this extra chores are nothing compared with the freedom of living on your own.

Next on my post, the schedule I designed for the helper.

Monday, March 29, 2010


Changed my blog template. Is this the start of me going back? I know I initially said I am going back, returned my blog to public but after a few days, decided to put it back on private. I still don't have the motivation to journal. Hopefully, my groove will be back soon.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Suppressed emotions

I want to cry. I want to cry my heart out. I don't know kung hanggang kelan ko pa 'to makakaya. I wish there's an easy way out. But kahit anong way piliin ko may bad consequence.

Monday, March 08, 2010

Am I back?

I am home, working at home actually. Decided to do so to be able to watch The Oscars and I am just so lazy to prepare early on Mondays as my car is on coding so in the past few weeks since the start of 2010, I've been either absent on Mondays or working from home. So after a few months of being MIA, I think I'm ready to go back to blogging. I missed documenting our life, it sort became my online journal cum scrapbook, which speaking of, I haven't done anything for so long. So, let me see.. what month did I left scrapbooking? I think December 2008. So what happened from December 2008 to this moment. On top of my head, for the first time, my sister and I together with our parents went to Singapore. I booked a February 2009 trip on November 2008 with Cebu Pacific's zero rates, you see, there is no required date for the trip, what's important is that this trip pushes through. Given that there is no set date, I was able to book a plane fare for three for only P6,000+, really really cheap. As based on my estimate, I cannot join them, the booking is for my parents and sister. This trip was planned because my tatay's ICD (same function as pacemaker) needs some serious checking. His ICD was installed in the US in 2007 and since they cannot go back to the US and the version of his ICD is not yet available here in the Philippines, the nearest country that has it is Singapore, which is good in a way so they can visit my brother who's now living there since 2006. Will do a separate post on the details of that Singapore trip, but anyway, I was not able to resist not joining them so, since I have expiring miles in PAL, used it and joined them. Glad I did! it was such a memorable trip and a good bonding activity.

Second trip I had was on May or July back to Beijing again for a week. This is work but light work so we enjoyed it a lot. It's my second time in Beijing so I'm ok with not visiting all the tourist spots again. Hmm.. what else? ah yes, Kurt started in big school. And the biggest move of all, we finally moved out to a new home with just the three of us. Well, it's good and bad at the same time because we're supposed to have our own house built but because of typhoon Ondoy, plans changed that we've decided to rent first.

So.. to track back on the major things that happened, I'll be doing a post about the following:
- Singapore trip with my parents and sister
- our Holy week
- calipanga outing in Nasugbu, Batangas and Tagaytay
- the RAFlympics
- Beijing trip
- Kurt's move to big school
- our almost own house
- typhoon Ondoy
- moving out and living on our own
- December 2009

Then after this, hopefully, I'll be able to do the current happenings

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I don't know if there is such a word, probably there is, as there is negativity. This is what I wish for now. For me to see things in a positive way. I have always been a negative thinker, too much of the auditor in me probably but I think things happened to me because of the way I look at the world. Now, I pray for positivity, I hope to see the good side even in the worst of situation. Help me God.