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Monday, September 29, 2008

Hubby's birthday celebration

Hubby celebrated his 3_th birthday last friday. I can't think of any other gift for him so bought him an orange Lacoste polo shirt instead. I'm actually thinking of buying him a new cellphone as his Globe phone badly needs replacement but that thought caught me offhand, hindi ko agad napag-isipan at napag-ipunan so I decided against it. He loved his polo shirt, kala ko lang eh he's so payat na that I bought size 3 instead of 4 so we have to go pa to Greenbelt to have the size changed. His officemates treated him for lunch in Aveneto that friday while the two of us had dinner in our favorite steakhouse, Gulliver's. Of course we ordered the prime roast beef Gulliver's cut and a glass of wine. We chose to order the wine per glass now as the last time when we ordered one bottle, si hubby lang ang umubos kasi di ko type lasa but surprisingly, this time masarap yung wine that I finished my glass while hubby ordered another one. It was a very good meal, ganda pa ng view and when we arrived there, kami pa lang dalawa, aga kasi namin. I usually order dessert after a good meal but since hubby brought with him a very big cake from his officemates, I just ordered coffee and decided to wait for the dessert at home.

Saturday night, we had a simple dinner at home naman with his side of the family.


Saw this list from BFAD's website updated today. This list contains the products that they will be testing for the presence of melamine but to be sure I think it is safer if we avoid these products now.

1. Anchor Wam Frootmilk Drink Mango Magic
2 Anchor Wam Frootmilk Orange Chill
3 Anchor Wam Frootmilk Strawberry Spin
4 Dutch Lady Pure Milk
5 Farmland Skim Milk
6 Greenfood Yili Pure Milk
7 Jinwei Drink
8 Jollycow Pure fresh Milk
9 Jollycow Slender Lowfat Milk
10 KLIM Instant Full Cream Milk Powder (1.8 Kg)
11 M&M Chocolate brown 40gm
12 Meiji Hokkaido Azuki (red bean ice cream)
13 Meiji Ujikintoki (red bean and green tea frozen confection)
14 Mengniu Original Drink Milk
15 Mengniu Pure Milk
16 Milk Chocolate Bars/China
17 Milk Chocolate Candies/China
18 Milkboy repacked
19 Milkboy repacked
20 Monmilk Breakfast Milk Walnut Milk Beverage
21 Monmilk High Calcium Low Fat Milk
22 Monmilk High Calcium Milk
23 Monmilk Milk Deluxe Pure Milk
24 Monmilk Pure Milk
25 Monmilk Suan Suan Ru Sour Milk Beverage (Mango Flavor)
26 Natural Choice Milk Ice bar
27 Nespray
28 Nestle Carnation Calcium Plus Non Fat Milk Powder (1.6 Kg)
29 Nestle Chocolate flavor Ice Cream Cone
30 Nestle Dairy Farm Pure Milk
31 Nestle Vanilla Flavor Ice Cream Cone
32 Nutri Express Milk
33 Nutri-Express 15 Nutritional elements (blue, red and orange label and cap)
34 Nutri-Express Milk
35 Nutri-Express Milk Green Apple
36 Prime Roast cereals 28gm
37 Pura Fresh Milk
38 Snickers brown 59gm
39 Strawberry Sorbet
40 Trappist Dairy Low Fat yogurt drink
41 Vita Fresh Milk
42 Wahaha Orange
43 Wahaha Yellow
44 Want Want Milk Drink
45 Yili High Calcium 250 ml
46 Yili High Calcium Milk 1L
47 Yili High Calicium Low fat Milk Beverage
48 Yili Lowfat Milk 1L
49 Yili Milk
50 Yili Puremilk 250 ml
51 Yili Puremilk 1L
52 Yinlu Milk Peanut

I just wonder though when they'll start the testing or whether the testing is ongoing already.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

On schooling

We've decided not to move the little boy to another school. I know a lot of mommies/friends out there will react to this but after serious thinking we decided to make him stay with the current school.

Rest assured though that when we decided this, it's because we did it for Kurt. He love his current school, even his teacher and moreso his classmates, so we can't imagine taking that away from him. I guess its better this way na rin as when we move him to the other school his school service will be a tricycle and I can't imagine exposing him to a lot of pollution caused by the smoke kasi mahaba-habang tricycle ride din yun and given that it's a rainy season, kawawa naman sya. We'll again reconsider next year but I think for this school year, we'll letting him stay. And he's becoming more active now in school, I guess it helped when we talked with the teacher kasi she makes Kurt recite more often so nasasanay na sya and even raises his hand now to answer the teacher. We also got his "report card" last weekend, I wish I copied/xeroxed it but he got mostly satisfactory, MS (can't remember what this stands for). The "report card" is per activity like: goes to class early, participates actively in class, indepent, etc.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Busy busy busy

I am sooo busy that I hardly have time to open this blog and post a new entry. Busy season in the office hasn't formally started yet but I am busy with all things related to it such as planning and admin. My role as the cluster's scheduler is so hard!! add to that pa that I am studying. I have whole day classes every saturday and it doesn't end there, I have to make sure that I study every night. Then there is pa our school dilemma for the little boy which until we haven't fixed yet due to matters not within our control and matters that we can control.

I know I have some tags pending, will do it once schedule permits.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Happy Monday!

It's a monday. New week. New day of the month! It's "ber" month already. I can almost feel the Christmas spirit coming. I just can't wait to play my Christmas cds.

Have a nice week everyone! I'm off to training. Will do updates later.