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Sunday, September 14, 2008

On schooling

We've decided not to move the little boy to another school. I know a lot of mommies/friends out there will react to this but after serious thinking we decided to make him stay with the current school.

Rest assured though that when we decided this, it's because we did it for Kurt. He love his current school, even his teacher and moreso his classmates, so we can't imagine taking that away from him. I guess its better this way na rin as when we move him to the other school his school service will be a tricycle and I can't imagine exposing him to a lot of pollution caused by the smoke kasi mahaba-habang tricycle ride din yun and given that it's a rainy season, kawawa naman sya. We'll again reconsider next year but I think for this school year, we'll letting him stay. And he's becoming more active now in school, I guess it helped when we talked with the teacher kasi she makes Kurt recite more often so nasasanay na sya and even raises his hand now to answer the teacher. We also got his "report card" last weekend, I wish I copied/xeroxed it but he got mostly satisfactory, MS (can't remember what this stands for). The "report card" is per activity like: goes to class early, participates actively in class, indepent, etc.


iyos said...

juliet, ok na rin na hindi ilipat si least hindi ka mamomroblema kapag mag-transfer na sya to big school =)

Jody said...

so you didnt move him na pala. whatever decision you arrived, i'm sure pinag-isipan ng husto. monitor nyo na lang and it helps talaga pag nakakausap ang teacher.