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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Manila zoo field trip pictures

Some pictures from the field trip I got from Aimee's multiply account:

Friday, September 28, 2007

Manila zoo field trip - the continuation


So hinatid na ni Francis si Kurt and Yang-yang to Aimee's house while I went back to sleep since I think I only had 5 hours sleep.

Got the following text message from Aimee about kurt:

"mahiyain c kurt. dami toys d nya alam wat paglalaruan nya." - got this at 8:26AM - he's really like this in public place, di sya agad humahawak ng toys ng iba and he observes muna the other kids before he joins them.

"umiiyak c kurt. takot sa elephant." - 9:44AM - wawa naman baby ko, takot siguro sa laki.

"ok naman c kurt sa umpisa lang cya natakot. sa petting zoo mst of d tym kalong para makalapit." - 11:30AM - I felt better na upon receiving this.

"nahatid ko n sa inyo c kurt. nalibang ng husto. nakalimutan kumain." - 12:52AM - well, this one really shocked me and made me laugh. si kurt, forgot to eat?! well, that's something new and different.

i called agad to ask how he was. talked to yang and she told me nga na at first he was afraid of the elephant. he only asked to be carried kasi hindi nya makita ang aligator but he walked on his own. di nga kumain, pagdating na lang sa bahay tsaka sya kumain.

i talked to kurt at syempre, una nyang kwento eh ang elephant = )

good thing aimee brought a camera so she was able to capture kurt's reaction. how i wished i was with them! kaso di ko pa kaya i-drive papunta Manila Zoo.

It's not kurt's first time in the zoo. We went to Zoobic safari in Subic kaso he was only one year old then, it was last December 2005. Curious na sya nun but I don't think he remembered that experience and I think mas na-appreciate nya ngayon kasi he understands more now.

Will upload pics once I got it from Aimee's friendster and multiply account.

Manila zoo field trip - the preps

Kurt had his first field trip today. He went to Manila Zoo with his tita Aimee's preschool class.

To those who've been following my posts, Kurt is on tutorials with Aimee, and Aimee is teaching in a preschool. So when she texted us the other day if its ok with us for Kurt to join on the class field trip to Manila Zoo, of course we said yes to give him an opportunity to experience the field trip.

Hay, I am not used to it, last night, at around 6:30pm, I received a text message from mommy asking me to buy baon for kurt. How could I have not thought about that?! syempre field trip dapat may baon! so I adjusted my boxing schedule (i'll have another post about this) then hurriedly went to Landmark. Excited mama, I bought peanut butter cookies, Ritz crackers, Pik-Nik shoestring potatoes, bag of cupcakes and three triangle tetrapak of Sunkist! Nyahahaha! and the fieldtrip is a half day activity. While doing the grocery I thought of actually going with them kasi first time ni kurt and I want sana to be there to witness it, kaso nakaayos na transpo and everything, marami pang mababago if I join kayo hindi na lang.

When I got home I fixed his backpack, added one set of sando and shorts, extra t-shirt, jacket, bimpo, towel bib, hat, umbrella, anti-mosquito lotion, alcohol, wipes, tissue. Then for food, I realized na madami pala, and mommy was even suggesting that they bring rice kasi baka magutom si kurt kasi 12noon na sila babalik. So, I packed two cupcakes (one cheese and one ube), pack of Ritz crackers, pack of peanut butter cookies, two tetrapak of Sunkist, his bottle of water, two bottles for milk. Then prepared his utensils and baunan for the rice and soup.

For his clothes, I gave him two options: first, red Mickey polo shirt and Mickey maong long pants (the set I bought in the US), and second, green Gingersnaps polo shirt and maong short pants. Syempre, I prepared na rin his socks and briefs and looked na rin for his favorite Crocs sandals.

I'm worried on how we're going to wake him up the next day, kasi they have to be in Aimee's house by 7am. Our plan was to wake him up at 6am.

The next morning, lo and behold, Kurt woke up on his own at 5:20am, no tantrums! nothing at all. Syempre kahit na super aga pa eh I took the chance na to excite him for his zoo trip kasi according to mommy, the night before eh no daw ng no when they are telling him that he'll go to the zoo.

So, we sat muna on the sofa, while waiting for his hot water, discussing with him his zoo trip. No problems at all, smooth ang paliligo. Funny lang that he's more afraid of lukewarm water than cold water.

So, I asked him to choose his clothes. He chose the red Mickey polo shirt but I found out na di na kasya yun long pants so I was trying to make him wear the short pants kaso he doesn't like maong talaga so I make him wear na lang the khaki pants that ate josie gave him.

Excited ang bata! he keeps on checking his baon and ayaw mag-breakfast. Well, actually he wants kaso ang gustong kainin eh yung baon nyang rice. Ayaw ng rice from the pot, gusto eh yung nakabalot.

Everybody was shocked to see him all dressed up already na ang aga-aga pa and super good mood. Daddy was asking him na what he'll see in the zoo, sabi nya elephant, monkey, tiger, etc. He was even playing with Sean and Pau while the two are waiting for their school service. Daddy even gave him a Rebisco choco sandwich to add in his bulging lunch box.

To be continued....

Thursday, September 27, 2007

kurt matters

more stories about kurt's conversation with the people at home:

scene 1:
kurt: lola, where go?
lola: market
daddy 2: what do you want lola to buy for you?
kurt: "olam"

nyahahaha!! instead of the usual kids request for pasalubong na candy, chocolate or chips, my son requested for "ulam"!

scene 2:
on the bed, when we're about to sleep. francis was convincing kurt to wear diaper but the little boy, ayaw talaga.

dada: kurt, wear diaper!
kurt: no!
dada: sige, no dede
kurt: ayaw dada, mama!
dada: pwes,ayoko rin sa yo

hay naku, ang mag-ama ko nag-aaway. at si kurt, marunong na rin mamili ng preferences nya. antok na antok na ko kagabi kaya di ko na sila pinatulan.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Happy birthday!!

Happy birthday hubby!!!! huling chance mo na sa kalendaryo ngayon. hahahaha!!! sa hueteng na ang sunod = P

ang kawawa kong asawa, kelangang bumili ng 4 na large na bilaong pansit, 2 medium at 8 na boxes ng pichi-pichi para blowout sa officemates nya. imagine having to feed 115 people!! susme! shock ako! ang dami ko pang sina-suggest kahapon kasi akala ko mga 30-50 lang. yun pala eh isang buong floor ng office nila ang pakakainin nya. tsk! tsk! tsk!

food for kurt

last night, when we got home from work, my MIL and FIL told us a very funny thing that kurt did that day. mommy and daddy went to the bank that morning, then when daddy returned without mommy,

tanong si kurt: Where Lola?
daddy: went to the market, buy food
kurt: food kurt?

nyahahaha!! funny talaga etong anak ko. basta pagkain eh kanya!

naalala ko tuloy yung malling naming mag-ina the other weekend. we're in makati, namamasyal. sabi nya he's hungry so i asked him to choose between his two favorite food: ice cream or pizza, he chose ice cream so kain kami. after about an hour, aba, at humihingi naman ng pizza! lokong bata eto, naisahan ako! hungry na daw sya. ganyan sya tuwing nagma-mall kami. i don't have to worry when we go to toy stores kasi he'll just play pero di yan magta-tantrums if i did not buy anything for him, enough na sa kanya, tiningnan, hinawakan at pinaglaruan ng konti ang mga toys. BUT! kung pagkain, hay naku! kelangang pakainin sya otherwise magrereklamo yan. hay naku!

Monday, September 24, 2007

sad feelings

As I am listening to the Christmas songs, I can’t help but remember last year. The joys and pains of last year. I most especially remember ate swannie’s death and my heart is bleeding for my nephews and niece. They are too young to lose a mother. My heart bleeds in realizing that they will never see their mother anymore in this lifetime. I cry silently thinking how they really are now. what they are feeling. I deeply pray and plead to God to help them heal their hearts, to help them deal with this. I don’t know and will not exactly feel what they are going through right now but I hope and pray that they are well. These have been my thoughts for more than a year now. ate swannie’s death anniversary passed already last aug. 31st but I can still feel the pain now. Will we still have a merry Christmas, a Christmas as joyous as the one we had in 2005. Will our family go back to what it used to be on that Christmas holidays. This year will be another experience on its own. Kuya Jay is spending Christmas in Singapore, Kuya Onie will be spending it in Jeddah. Ate in the US. Good thing inay and tatay are going back here.

christmas songs

i am already in the middle of work but i really have to blog this. i love listening to christmas songs. to those who read my friendster blog. i wrote about this last year. on sept 1 our office already started playing christmas songs in the stairs but i really cannot appreciate it yet. then today, when i had my breakfast in Jollibee, i heard them again, and now, i'm listening to christmas songs, saved in my hard disk. i just love it! it feels peaceful, family, happy, love. haayyy... for sure, i'll be hitting the mall at lunch time to look for my christmas cds.

TV series

I am soooooo excited, it's almost fall now in the US, and what does it mean???

It's the start of the new season of the TV series that we love. I can't wait to see what will happen now in Grey's Anatomy, will Dr. Mc Dreamy and Meredith's current relationship work? what twists will they have now. Is Burke really leaving the show? what about Dr. Montgomery (I can't remember her name now!). And what about Prison Break? what happens in Panama prison? and, Heroes! this is the last one that we finished. Hayy.. how i wish now I am in the US so I can get to watch them real time.. though I guess it's hard to decide which channel to watch, whether ABC or NBC. When i was there, the only channel i watch is ABC so i only watch Grey's Anatomy then. And what about Brothers and Sisters, is this show coming back? and Sixth Degree, they cut this off last fall, but i think this one is good.

Weekend summary

Been a while since I last blogged. Busy at work, conducting trainings.

Happening this weekend:

We went to Anilao, Batangas. Hubby with his officemates had a cleanup dive and we tagged along. We stayed in Pier Uno and the place is great for relaxation. It's a dive resort actually but we enjoyed nonetheless, I would really love to have a vacation house beside the beach. It's just so relaxing and recharging. We arrived at Pier Uno, saturday morning, too bad the weather is not cooperative, it's raining. Stayed for a while in our room to rest then we head off for our buffet lunch. After lunch, we (Kurt and Yang-yang) changed to our swimming attire with the hope of having a dip in the water, unfortunately Kurt is so afraid of the waves that he preferred throwing stones (since in Anilao, it's all stones, no sand on shore) on the water, while it's drizzling. We just watched hubby and team prepared for their dive. Some might see it as boring but I actually enjoyed doing nothing, though there were few moments i wished i brought a book or magazine. After that kurt grew tired throwing stones that he asked us to go back to the room and sleep. That's something new, he's the one who requested for an afternoon nap. I guess he's so tired to think we woke up really early, though he was sleeping on our way to Anilao. Dinner was buffet again. There were three performers during dinner, one lady singing, one in organ and one in guitar and I felt like we're in a rustic province bar. I really thought that they're the only entertainers for the night. I really grew tired of them so we decided to go to our room to rest already. Good thing our room is near the dining area, as we heard my name called in the raffle and we also learned that "Color it Red" is performing. Now, that is Entertainment! Kurt enjoyed watching the band that he doesn't want to go to bed yet, he's actually crying in our room pleading that he go with dada to clap and sing. He's so funny because he's using the wooden key chain as his drum stick or microphone. He's really enjoying his first band watching =)

Next day, we woke up at around 8:30am. I set up the alarm, fearing to lose the chance to eat breakfast. LOL

Had buffet breakfast, changed to swimwear for an attempt to dip into the water but to no avail again. Kurt really doesnt like the sea. Sayang ang shopping ko ng floaters. I bough him a life vest, ring floater, arm floater and we also have a beach ball. LOL So we contented ourself again to watching the divers prepare for another dive then when we got tired of it, went back to our room.

Francis then called us that it's time for lunch, buffet again! I think, I gained some pounds there! LOL! After lunch, we packed up our things then left for Manila.

We bought lanzones along the zigzag road in Cuenca, it's so sweet!

We went straight to Vibal for the bingo. When we got there, we were lucky to be playing the last three games. It was fun and what's even better is I won in the grand prize! Weehee! my first time! I was so happy even if we had a triple tie. I won in the "blackout" game and my winning number is G-48. The prize was P10,000 and since there were three of us, we divided the money.

After bingo, we had a family dinner to celebrate our winning, LOL! actually, it's hubby's advance birthday celebration. We ate at Aveneto in SM Hypermart in Pasig. Food was really great, we ordered 3 kinds of large pizza: Pepperoni, Howie's special (my favorite) and Special, then 3 kinds of pasta: Carbonara, Nut & Pesto Seafood, Meatballs parmigianna then mommy and daddy ordered seafood salad and tossed salad. Food is so yummy! It was a great weekend. We got home really tired. Funny that on our way home from Aveneto, kurt and his cousin sean are playing in the car, kurt is saying mine and sean is copying him. we realized then that he really has a very wide vocabulary already.

Day ending, well, we fixed our things first then kurt settled in to and watched Narnia while trying to fall asleep, we are all so tired that we slept with the lights on and Narnia still playing on the TV.

What a weekend!