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Friday, September 28, 2007

Manila zoo field trip - the continuation


So hinatid na ni Francis si Kurt and Yang-yang to Aimee's house while I went back to sleep since I think I only had 5 hours sleep.

Got the following text message from Aimee about kurt:

"mahiyain c kurt. dami toys d nya alam wat paglalaruan nya." - got this at 8:26AM - he's really like this in public place, di sya agad humahawak ng toys ng iba and he observes muna the other kids before he joins them.

"umiiyak c kurt. takot sa elephant." - 9:44AM - wawa naman baby ko, takot siguro sa laki.

"ok naman c kurt sa umpisa lang cya natakot. sa petting zoo mst of d tym kalong para makalapit." - 11:30AM - I felt better na upon receiving this.

"nahatid ko n sa inyo c kurt. nalibang ng husto. nakalimutan kumain." - 12:52AM - well, this one really shocked me and made me laugh. si kurt, forgot to eat?! well, that's something new and different.

i called agad to ask how he was. talked to yang and she told me nga na at first he was afraid of the elephant. he only asked to be carried kasi hindi nya makita ang aligator but he walked on his own. di nga kumain, pagdating na lang sa bahay tsaka sya kumain.

i talked to kurt at syempre, una nyang kwento eh ang elephant = )

good thing aimee brought a camera so she was able to capture kurt's reaction. how i wished i was with them! kaso di ko pa kaya i-drive papunta Manila Zoo.

It's not kurt's first time in the zoo. We went to Zoobic safari in Subic kaso he was only one year old then, it was last December 2005. Curious na sya nun but I don't think he remembered that experience and I think mas na-appreciate nya ngayon kasi he understands more now.

Will upload pics once I got it from Aimee's friendster and multiply account.

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