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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Lunch in Heaven and Eggs

I had lunch in Heaven and Eggs today and had my favorite Manila Spareribs. Yummy! yummy! yummy! and i'm so glad that they switched back to their original menu where for some main dish, they can choose 2 sidings of: pancakes, hashbrown, mashed potatoes, french fries, rice, etc.

Jenz and I were so disappointed last month when we ate there since they removed these choices. Eh yun pa naman ang unique sa kanila.

Now to go back to my meal. As usual, I love their Manila spareribs. It was the first time that I ordered java rice, before, I always request that the java rice be changed to garlic rice. I am not a big fan of java rice kasi for me, masyadong fake and malagkit. I enjoyed naman they're java rice and of course, my ribs. It's so tender that you will no longer need knife for it. I ordered for additional ribs sauce and been tasting it, hoping that I can guess the ingredients. I'll definitely look for a recipe of this as I really love ribs!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

My baby

I am so amazed at how kurt has grown. Here are some of his current milestones as far as I can remember:
- currently weighs 41 lbs.
- eats on his own using spoon and fork
- helps in cleaning up the table after eating
- usually refers to himself on a "third person", always saying his name when he refers to himself though there are times naman when he says "me".
- can count one to ten, then randomly continues with 14, 15, 11, etc.
- can recite the alphabet, his "w" is "ayu"
- can color with matching sabi na "up-down, up-down"
- says "sorry" pag nasaktan ka nya
- prays at night
- can remove his own clothes
- chooses his own clothes to wear and whenever i dress him, he'll ask me if kasya yung damit sa kanya
- knows the representative of each alphabet in the flash card except for X- xylophone.
- can identify orange and black though minsan pumapalya

and i remember! last night, i decided to sleep their opposite side, sa paanan nila ako umulo kasi ang sikip-sikip sobra. in the middle of the night, kurt woke up and ginising ako sabay sabi na "mama lie down here", him moving on the side para patabihin ako sa kanila then sunod na sinabi eh "mama hug kurt". and when he wakes up na wala na daddy nya sa room, he'll ask me where his dada is. then habang nakikita nya kong nagbibihis, he'll ask me if pwedeng "ikot" meaning sakay muna sya with me sa car para iikot ko muna sa around the block. hay.. parang walang direksyon etong entry ko. i just write kasi what i remember.

Dinner at Barcino's Gourmet

Last night, hubby and I had dinner at Barcino's Gourmet. Been hearing a lot of good feedbacks about this place in my egroup for quite sometime now and medyo matagal ko na ring inaaya si hubby to try it.

Since last night I picked him up in his office kasi wala syang dalang kotse, and we're both hungry and he's so stressed with work, we decided to try the place.

It is in front of the driving range in Julia Vargas, on second floor, above Razon's. when we got there, the place is full of people. i heard that it's a small place so i thought they won't be able to accomodate us anymore but i think they expanded their place kasi there is this small door which leads to another dining area together with boxes and boxes of wines. we thought that this must have been their stock room converted to dining area to accomodate more customers. i was not prepared for this dinner so i was not able to check my file containing the "must-try" food here though i somehow recall most of what they recommend. This is a Spanish bistro so not one of our expertise. The only Spanish resto that we tried was “Mingoy”, which I used to pronounce as mingoy instead of min-goy. We decided to try their paella (P390+), tapas gourmet (P500) and ordered a bottle of red wine (P280+). Total bill: P1,300 +. It was good, something new and something different but I don’t think I’ll be a frequent guest of this place. I just don’t see anything special in Spanish food, I’m more of the steak, baby back ribs, sushi and seafood type of person. At least we tried the place now and yeah, the people who recommended the place are not telling a lie, food is indeed good. And now that I checked my files, I just found out that we only tried one of the recommended food. Hahahaha!!! What my co-egroup was recommending was arroz ala cubana, a can of baby eel, paella and a bottle of cava (champagne).

Some of the other restos they’re recommending are for special occasions like Valentine's date, birthday, etc:

Firelake Grill in Tagaytay – now I know why this place near CafĂ© Breton sounds familiar, that’s one of the place they were recommending. The place has an unobstructed view of Taal lake. I love the place actually since its not crowded (refer to entry about father’s day). Food to try: steaks

Massimo’s in Tagaytay – no view of Taal lake but the interior is warmly decorated with artsy lamps. Recommended food: for appetizers – warm artichoke dip; for main course – steak, beef tenders; for dessert – gelatos, molten chocolate cake. Or if going with a group, try the coccinillo. Price: around P1500 to P3500 for a meal of 2.

Prince Albert in Intercon – according to them, they serve the best steaks and sea bass for a stiff price, a meal can cost P3,500 to P6,000, so I guess I will never get to try this resto since it’s way too expensive.

Top of the Citi – this is on top of Citibank building and they’re serving Le Souffle food.

Gulliver’s at Great Eastern Hotel in Makati ave. – this one, we tried already. They’re prime rib is the best! Tried this resto for our valentine’s date in 2006. Really highly recommended.

Rastro in Rockwell – recommended food: spicy gambas, sardine pate, boquerones and steak with coffee gravy.

then saw in the tv that The Highlands in SM MOA is highly recommended too but expensive. I am actually curious about the place when I saw it but now I got more curious when I saw it featured on tv.

Happy eating!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

7 random facts about me

well, since wala pang may alam na kakilala ko about this blog. i'll just tag myself. hehehe...

1. i belong to a family of 6, 3 girls and 3 boys and i am the youngest. i am a menopausal baby, my mother was 42 years old when she gave birth to me and the age gap between me and my eldest sister is 15 years. i am also the only girl that my 3 brothers were able to "control" since my other 2 sisters are older than them. i never became close with my siblings because of the age gap. and oh, i was conceived because my parents are on vacation in Bicol = D

2. i did not gain this much weight because of pregnancy. in fact, i think i only gained max of 25lbs. the entire pregnancy. so when? i gained weight after i stopped breastfeeding, so that was 7 months after i gave birth. i was so excited to finally have the chance to drink coke again, coffee and chocolates. my three favorite food/drinks!

3. hubby and i dated for 8 years before we got married. the first time i met him, i thought he was gay. not that he acts gay but he's with our classmate then whom we think is gay kaya i concluded that he's gay (they're friends pala because of their parish). but all my friends then thinks he's cute except for me. actually, my bestfriend then has a huge crush on him, she's not our classmate so she would always visit me in our classroom to see him. i think this is the reason why we lost our friendship, i never realized how serious she was about her feelings. we never talked about it though so i really don't know if that's the reason why we fall apart. bad me! one more thing, most of hubby's precom girl friends doesn't want me to be his girlfriend then. hubby is the popular, sociable, sporty guy while i am simple, quiet and confined with my own group type of person. actually, they have been trying to match him with their "preferred" girl but he was so attracted to me then. ha! one of them, whom i thought was my friend too, even told me some facts like him having an MU not really sure though if the reason she did that is para layuan ko sya. after i got to know hubby then, when we became classmates and i finally learned that he's not gay, i hated him for his guts (refer to above for his personality). however, we became close because we would often see each other studying in the library, i got to know him better because of that. then his highschool classmate, who had a crush on me then, was threatened by our closeness, would tell stories para din paglayuin kaming dalawa. ha! daming sagabal!

4. i practically grew in the streets with my squatter friends. our house in the province is near to what used to be squatters area. my tatay then, ayaw nyang lumaki akong mayabang so he encourages me to play with them. so on weekends or summer, pagkagising ko pa lang, i'll go out na to play with my friends on the street and whole day na yun, sometimes i even join them for lunch of rice and toyo at sarap na sarap ako. i tried this when i got home kaso feeling ko nun, di masarap toyo namin kasi di ko nagustuhan. i will only go home at 6pm pag narinig ko na yung kalembang ng kampana sa church namin. then if its May, lalabas ulit ako ng mga 8pm for the 'tuklungan", which is the every night prayer and singing for mama Mary, popularly known as flores de mayo. when i got older na, nagiging maarte na ako at ayoko nang makipaglaro with them or even join them in the flores de mayo since I'm studying in La Salle na so parang I learned na the concept of levels in society. I remember na papagalitan ako ng tatay ko and would really force me to join them every night sa "tuklong". its only now that i learned the good thing about what my father was making me do before. importanteng makisama since neighbors namin sila and ayaw nyang lumaki akong tumitingin sa status ng tao sa society. he wants me to treat people fairly regardless of their level in society.

5. among my cousins on my father's side na ka-age ko, i am the plainest of them all nung bata kami (grade school age). i would always envy my cousins for their various talents like singing, declamation, etc. usong-uso pa nun ang pakakantahin sa harap ng mga bisita at i am always so sad and nag-se-self pity kasi i don't have their talent. because of that, those cousins of mine would group ng di ako kasali (outcast talaga) and because of that too, i feel na i am a failure and i always don't want to join any family gatherings on my father's side of the family and i also dont want to hang out in my lola's house. fast forward to the present, i am happy that i became successful. good thing, the things they did to my self esteem when i was a kid did not inflict any harm when i grew up. i think it became my inspiration to become better.

6. i am not patient. i easily get irritated and i am 99% always on time. i hate it when people make me wait lalo na kung may usapang oras. for me, they don't respect other people's time. if i commit that i'll be there at a certain time, i always make sure i make it there few minutes before the agreed time. i always want to be safe kaya i always have allowances. ayoko rin kasi ng nagmamadali kaya i always allot allowances.

7. i am emotional and i treasure friends. but i am not the type of person who will get in touch. i miss the friends i had before but i would always never initiate communication. i don't know how to start communicating back with them though i really miss them. i had a lot of best friends but i was not able to keep any of them. there will be times when they will initiate the communication but i never did return it.

wow! i think i got sad about the last fact about me. but i don't know, that really is my personality. i attempted to make the first move pero i always don't make follow up.

sleeping time

our bed is getting smaller and smaller everyday. lumalaki na kasi at mas lumilikot matulog si kurt. like last night, naramdaman nya nung tumabi na ko sa kanya sa bed, kasi nagsabi na sya ng mama in his sleepy voice acknowledging my arrival. tapos twice syang nag-ayos ng pwesto sa kama at both times nauntog nya ako, so sabi ko naman "Ow!" cute-cute anak ko kasi sagot din sya on his sleepy voice ng "sorry mama!". ang galing lang kasi at least he knows his manners kahit pa antok na antok sya. since na-realize nya na medyo nakasiksik sya sa kin, nag-move sya so nauntog sya sa wall, sabay sabi ng "Ow!" cutey! hehehehe...

more on our bonding moments pa, he would also usually tell me na, "mama hug!" then after ko sya akapin, sabihin nya pa "mama hug more, more pa" then pag sobrang higpit naman na ng akap ko eh sabay reklamo na "mama, ipit" hay naku! funny talaga nitong anak ko.

meron pa yang pag instances na sa tatay nya ko nakaakap at dantay eh pipilitin akong paharapin sa kanya o minsan naman eh gagayahin nya yung way ng akap at dantay ko sa tatay nya at ako naman ang aakapin at dantayan nya. iniisip ko nga, ang cute siguro namin kunan ng picture = )

buti na lang talaga he knows din na hindi nya karibal ang daddy nya sa attention. hindi sya nagseselos and he knows na kelangan lambing din kami ng daddy nya. minsan pa nga pag nasa gitna namin sya eh lilipat sya dun sa may side ng wall para tabi kami ng daddy nya. bilib talaga ako sa batang eto.

Monday, June 25, 2007

summary of last week's activities

i guess this blogging thing is becoming just a weekly thing for me. happening last week? busy with all the training here in the office, switching between the bootcamp and GAMx is not an easy feat, add to that the fact that i have to be in the office around 8ish. very tough for me! given the fact that i usually go to sleep at midnight, either because i am doing a scrapbook LO or kurt is still awake, which if i go back to last week, all because kurt is still awake. he now have this habit that either he waits for us to go home or if he went to sleep early, he'll wake up at around 10-11pm to play with us. i actually don't know if i'll complain or not. its good because it gives us time to bond with each other but not really good because i can't accomplish anything and i can't even go to sleep early. early last week, i was leaning towards not liking the fact that he's awake when we get home but one night last week, he suddenly preferred to sleep with his mommy2, he was literally telling me to leave, which broke my heart. ang bata talaga, honest, he would prefer to be with someone who spends more time and quality time with him. eye-opener sobra sa kin. last weekend kasi, we let him ride the car from tagaytay pauwi with them since andun 2 cousins nya and while we're in tagaytay, he stayed with them kasi sinamahan namin sila daddy namalengke, and my SIL goes home earlier kasi pumapasok din sya ng maaga and i guess nag-stick sa mind ni kurt yun that his mommy2 spends more time with him than i do. i can't blame him. last week, i leave home at 7am while he's still sleeping and i go home late since i still need to study for the next day's topics or i have a meeting. as in he seldom saw me last week. kaya guilty ako sobra that's why i realized na hindi na ko dapat mainis when he wakes up or still awake when i get home. medyo pumapalya pa rin minsan kasi, sobrang pagod na talaga sa office and i'm so looking forward to relax when i get home pero minsan nauubusan ka pa rin ng pasensya sa kulit. he also has this habit na hindi matutulog unless pilitin mo kahit gaano sya kaantok. and pilit means, kelangang paiyakin mo sya to go to sleep. haayyy... yaya or his mommy2 is not having this difficulty in making him sleep, i guess kids are like that to their parents kaya lang minsan you will feel inadequate, like you're not a good mom.

of course, weekend is bawi time. spending quality time with him. last saturday, sinama na lang namin sya sa Medical City for our optha check-up, he enjoyed this naman kasi mana sa mga magulang, layas din. sunday, we just stayed home so bonding activity pa rin.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Father's Day celebration

Sunday, father's day. We decided to celebrate father's day by going to Tagaytay with all of hubby's siblings. Our plan, have lunch at Leslie's. Well, original plan actually was to have a picnic, unfortunately, we were not able to plan the food that we'll bring kaya we decided to just eat in a resto. We left late na, total of five cars. First car to leave was Istong as he'll still pick up Aimee and they intend to leave Tagaytay early. Then, the 3 cars (us using my car, kuya arnold and family using ate sweet's car, and mommy, daddy, iming using dad's car) left in a few minutes interval. The three cars met kuya Noel in Petron SSH then we went convoy na up to Tagaytay. I was a bit worried kasi the sky looks so gloomy in Tagaytay at parang umuulan pa. Good thing we decided not to have the picnic otherwise lagot kami. We're thinking na its gonna be cold and di rin enjoy kasi di namin makikita ang view and we'll confined lang inside the resto. Good thing, pagdating sa taas, sunny na! kaya yipee!! As expected, super daming tao sa Leslie's. Istong and Aimee are already there reserving a long table for us. Sayang lang at di kami dun sa malapit sa view. Had bulalo, crispy buntot ng tuna, grilled tuna belly and grilled pusit. enjoy sarap ng food, super dami. we're all shocked nga lang when the bill came, ang mahal! P6,900! grabe! mahal na ng pagkain sa Leslie's ngayon, di katulad dati. Katawa kami ni hubby kasi kumpleto gadgets kami, dala nya SLR nya, ako hawak ko handycam kaso mo, parehong low battery!! funny talaga! so ang dating eh, wala kaming pictures ng araw na eto.

after lunch, we decided to look for a tambayan. initially, we wanted starbucks kasi katabi lang sya ng leslie's kaso we found out na sinara na pala nila yung connecting gate ng starbucks at leslie's, that we need to move pa the cars. so isip namin is to look for other place na lang. we went around with nothing so we decided to split up, the rest will look for a tambayan while kami with daddy, mommy, iming & iyos will go to the market and buy beef. wow! beef is really cheap in tagaytay. we were able to buy tbone for P160/kilo and tenderloin (na di ko alam magkano). after marketing, they informed us na they went to cafe breton so sunod kami sa kanila. when we got there, kita ko, wow! ganda view dun and konti lang tao. unlike leslie's na very crowded. we found out na di pa pala sila kumain kasi they're waiting for us. so pagdating namin, we had coffee and desserts na. hubby ordered iced cappucino, kurt had a scoop of vanila ice cream, then i ordered for brewed coffee and la delice crepe (banana, nuttela, almond chips and vanilla ice cream) to share with hubby. sarap dessert namin! enjoy! tsika-tsika, enjoying each other's company. we left the place at past four then we dropped by Amira's to buy muna tarts and other stuff. pagbalik manila, diretso, simba na kami.

it was a fun day and good bonding opportunity. i just love going out with family.

Friday and Saturday happenings

Friday early evening: I am no longer in the working mood and since I was in the office early due to my teaching assignment in the training, I have the right to leave the office early. Since it's still early and I’m anticipating the traffic way back home, I decided to drop by bonifacio high street in taguig first. just walked around, entered the crocs store then ate at brother’s burger. I am so down that day, so stressed because of the late nights studying for my training topic then waking up early for the training. What I actually want is to spend the night with hubby, unfortunately, he has prior commitments. I also tried asking my sister out kaso di naman sya sumasagot sa cellphone and we she did, I’m already in the Fort. I actually don't mind going out alone, for me eating alone is also perfectly fine. I guess it’s because by nature, I’m a loner, except on days when I really need someone to talk to, like that Friday night. But I am comfortable doing things alone. Sometimes I prefer eating alone since I can just eat anywhere I want to eat, read magazines/books while waiting for the food, or simply, observe my surroundings. Anyway, since I am in no mood to be strolling alone, I went home. Kurt was already sleeping when I got there so I was able to do some stuff.

Saturday: had breakfast with hubby (something I haven't done for the longest time as I seldom eat breakfast at home now) then I took a shower and told him that I have some errands for the day. I went to unimart greenhills hoping to buy the liquid dishwashing soap that we use to clean Kurt’s bottles. Unfortunately, looks like they're no longer selling that. Good thing the parking attendant was kind enough kasi di na nya ko pinabayad, I only stayed in the parking for like 5 minutes. Then I head off to pearl drive to pick up my scrapbook orders from scrapbukan. Since I also intend to study for this week's training teaching assignment, I stayed in starbucks and studied there. While I was seating there studying, I realized how I missed studying. And made a mental note that when the time comes that I decided to take cisa, I’ll go to that starbucks outlet to study. The place is so conducive (sp?) to studying. finished my drink, wanting to pee, I have no choice but to pack up my things as I cannot simply leave my laptop and stuff on the table while I go for the restroom. Unfortunate of me, somebody’s already occupying my seat when I went back. Decided to move to bonifacio high street, targeting starbucks or figaro there to continue my review. When I got there, I was not able to resist the Conti's temptation. Since I was not able to have a decent lunch, I ate their roast porkloin something, which I actually didn't enjoy! To compensate my dissatisfaction with my main course, I order dessert, ordered the banana cream torte and coffee, well at least this combination is good. Since I already had my coffee and dessert, I have nothing to order in the coffee shop where I intend to study and given Conti’s on-demand status, I don’t think it’s polite to stay there to study. So, in the end, I just went home. Hubby is already there when I arrive. We had dinner then off we went to watch Fantastic Four in Market Market. Kurt’s reaction with the movie, different as compared with his Spiderman and Shrek experience. This time, he’s more distracted and mukhang di nya ganung ka-type yung movie kasi he keeps on leaving his seat though there are some parts of the movie naman na he’s so focused, kahiya nga lang kasi during the time when the cinema was so quiet eh umutot ang magaling na bata, at dedma pa, as if walang nangyari eh ang lakas-lakas ng utot nya. Hahaha…

He was still so full of energy when we got home and I think he went to sleep at around 1am na.

Friday, June 15, 2007

wishlist at age 35

i saw in one of my co-nawies blog that she had a wishlist that she hopes to accomplish at a certain age and today happened to be her deadline, and she discussed what she accomplished so far in the list. that made me think, that it's a good practice since documenting or listing might make me drive towards that. oh! and i remember, yeah I had a single big goal that i fulfilled this year. that is owning a car! the day before i turned 30, i fulfilled that dream. big accomplishment huh?!

so now, i'm making another list that i hope to accomplish before i turn 35.

- have own house: as in almost everyday, i daydream about our future house. i can actually visualize it in my dreams and i even have a simple layout created in powerpoint.

- stay-at-home-mom: been wanting to be able to have the opportunity to be the one to take kurt to school and pick him up, be there for him to teach him on his homework, prepare his merienda. side wish, i hope i have a sideline business while being a SAHM because i know i will never survive just being at home (no offense to SAHM but i'm not really a homebody type of person. i need to have other things that will make me sane and not mainitin ang ulo.)

- take kurt to disneywold: yup! that's included in my wishlist. having experienced disneyland in california on my own, it became my big goal for us (francis, me and kurt) to go together in disneyworld in florida. francis has been there (disneyworld) so that trip will definitely be for kurt talaga.

- try something adventurous like bungee: jumping or sky diving: something copied from my co-nawie's wishlist. i think i can do this. i tried parasailing so i guess pwede rin.

- join hubby in scubadiving

i guess this is a pretty good list already. i just hope i can be able to tick some off this list in the next five years.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

tagging myself again

ok..ok... i'm really enjoying this. copied this again from jane's (a nawie) blog.

5 Favorite Things...

- my techie things (my Vaio laptop, external hard disc, cd writer and DSL). i love it that i have a personal laptop. my office laptop is so restricted that i cannot use it for personal stuff that's why i really invested on having my own laptop where i can do anything..without any restrictions. my external hard disc is a savior, i don't have to worry about backing up my files and i don't have to worry about space on my laptop. cd writer, of course, as i can just back up all my files whenever i want. dsl, unlimited internet access at home and what's even better is that it's wireless!

- my car. i love the freedom that it gives me. i can go wherever and whenever i want to go without worrying about who'll take me there. i don't feel imprisoned at home anymore. i also noticed that eversince i had my own car, i seldom fight with hubby. i also love the feeling of driving. hay more into this in my friendster blog.

- coffee. i am a certified coffee addict. i dont like flavored ones. for hot coffee, brewed or americano from Figaro will do. for cold ones, i love caramel macchiato and mocha frappucino from starbucks and javaccino from The Java Man. coffee perks me up.

- my scrapbook magazines subscription. i truly truly love the fact that i subscribed to Creating keepsakes and Simple Scrapbooks because i am always updated in scrapbooking. not that i apply what i read though. hehehe... but i've always loved to read and look in magazines and subscribing in a way made me not focus on the cost of the magazines, since they're prepaid anyway and i got tons of discounts during the time i subscribed.

- my folding table in our room. ok, i thought hard for this. i can't think of any other thing that should be included in my 5 fave things. so for this one, having this as a favorite is not as strong as the first four. my table in our room is hubby's gift for me last christmas. it made me go back to scrapbooking since i already have a place where i can scrap, unlike before that i either do it in our dining room table (pero mainit kasi walang aircon, and i can't open the fan kasi liliparin things ko) or i do it on the floor in our room kung gusto kong malamig. i don't only use it for scrapping, i use it when i work, when i use my computer or when i simply want a table where i can rest the book or magazine that i am reading.

whew... this is a good list. i hope i can create a scrapbook layout about this someday.

tagging myself

ok..i'm keyboard-happy and really enjoying myself with all this blogging. i read from some "acquantances" blogs about tagging. i saw these before in my yahoo mail but since i'm in the office, i cannot access yahoo so i'll just copy the questions from their blog and will answer it here.

Yourself: Procastinator

Your Partner: Workaholic

Your Hair: thinning.. sad to say

Your Mother: retired public school teacher

Your Father: retired insurance supervisor

Your Favorite Item: bags.. but not over

Your Dream Last Night: none

Your Favorite Drink: coke light

Your Dream Car: hmmm...BMW?

Dream Home: Hay...I have it all planned.. i even have a layout already

The Room You Are In: My cube in the office

Your Fear: Losing the people I love.

Where You Want to be in Ten Years: content

Who You Hung Out With Last Night: kurt and i joined hubby in his bowling tournament

You’re Not: patient

One of Your Wish List Items: to have my own scraproom

The Last Thing You Did: eat dinner

You Are Wearing: slacks and shirt

Your Favorite Weather: cloudy

Your Favorite Book: Harry Potter series and Shopaholic series

Last Thing You Ate: beef salpicao from World Topps and coke light

Your Life: is good and i think getting better each day

Your Mood: I'm in the mood to blog!

Your Best Friend: sadly, nobody right now.

What Are You Thinking About Right Now: what element is missing in the scrapbook layout i'm making for kurt

Your Car: 2007 Honda City

What Are You Doing At The Moment: Blogging?!

Relationship Status: HAPPILY married

My 2005 US pictures

Just trying this out.

US trip

i'm back

whew! i'm finally back to my blog account. after checking out my first posting, i realized that it's almost a year since i created this account and had my first posting and reading upon it, i realized na di naman ako masyadong bitter na di ako makapag-kwento ng detalye sa asawa ko. hahaha!!!!

anyway, to those who'll read my blog, note lang po, di ako galit sa asawa ko, masyado lang talaga akong madaldal at madetalye magkwento. even my teammate can confirm that and she completely understands my husband kasi yung level ng detail ng kwento ko eh something that guys don't usually tolerate.

anyway again, after reading that ranting, i reflected kung ganun pa rin ba ang view ko. well, i can honestly say that i guess our communication lines are better now as opposed to the way i see it a year ago.

now that i revived this blog, this blog will contain random posts, entries that i used to post in my friendster blog but decided to move here since di ko alam paano maglagay ng photos dun sa entries ko. it will contain my daily life experience, any scrapbook-related post, etc.