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Friday, June 15, 2007

wishlist at age 35

i saw in one of my co-nawies blog that she had a wishlist that she hopes to accomplish at a certain age and today happened to be her deadline, and she discussed what she accomplished so far in the list. that made me think, that it's a good practice since documenting or listing might make me drive towards that. oh! and i remember, yeah I had a single big goal that i fulfilled this year. that is owning a car! the day before i turned 30, i fulfilled that dream. big accomplishment huh?!

so now, i'm making another list that i hope to accomplish before i turn 35.

- have own house: as in almost everyday, i daydream about our future house. i can actually visualize it in my dreams and i even have a simple layout created in powerpoint.

- stay-at-home-mom: been wanting to be able to have the opportunity to be the one to take kurt to school and pick him up, be there for him to teach him on his homework, prepare his merienda. side wish, i hope i have a sideline business while being a SAHM because i know i will never survive just being at home (no offense to SAHM but i'm not really a homebody type of person. i need to have other things that will make me sane and not mainitin ang ulo.)

- take kurt to disneywold: yup! that's included in my wishlist. having experienced disneyland in california on my own, it became my big goal for us (francis, me and kurt) to go together in disneyworld in florida. francis has been there (disneyworld) so that trip will definitely be for kurt talaga.

- try something adventurous like bungee: jumping or sky diving: something copied from my co-nawie's wishlist. i think i can do this. i tried parasailing so i guess pwede rin.

- join hubby in scubadiving

i guess this is a pretty good list already. i just hope i can be able to tick some off this list in the next five years.