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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

tagging myself again

ok..ok... i'm really enjoying this. copied this again from jane's (a nawie) blog.

5 Favorite Things...

- my techie things (my Vaio laptop, external hard disc, cd writer and DSL). i love it that i have a personal laptop. my office laptop is so restricted that i cannot use it for personal stuff that's why i really invested on having my own laptop where i can do anything..without any restrictions. my external hard disc is a savior, i don't have to worry about backing up my files and i don't have to worry about space on my laptop. cd writer, of course, as i can just back up all my files whenever i want. dsl, unlimited internet access at home and what's even better is that it's wireless!

- my car. i love the freedom that it gives me. i can go wherever and whenever i want to go without worrying about who'll take me there. i don't feel imprisoned at home anymore. i also noticed that eversince i had my own car, i seldom fight with hubby. i also love the feeling of driving. hay more into this in my friendster blog.

- coffee. i am a certified coffee addict. i dont like flavored ones. for hot coffee, brewed or americano from Figaro will do. for cold ones, i love caramel macchiato and mocha frappucino from starbucks and javaccino from The Java Man. coffee perks me up.

- my scrapbook magazines subscription. i truly truly love the fact that i subscribed to Creating keepsakes and Simple Scrapbooks because i am always updated in scrapbooking. not that i apply what i read though. hehehe... but i've always loved to read and look in magazines and subscribing in a way made me not focus on the cost of the magazines, since they're prepaid anyway and i got tons of discounts during the time i subscribed.

- my folding table in our room. ok, i thought hard for this. i can't think of any other thing that should be included in my 5 fave things. so for this one, having this as a favorite is not as strong as the first four. my table in our room is hubby's gift for me last christmas. it made me go back to scrapbooking since i already have a place where i can scrap, unlike before that i either do it in our dining room table (pero mainit kasi walang aircon, and i can't open the fan kasi liliparin things ko) or i do it on the floor in our room kung gusto kong malamig. i don't only use it for scrapping, i use it when i work, when i use my computer or when i simply want a table where i can rest the book or magazine that i am reading.

whew... this is a good list. i hope i can create a scrapbook layout about this someday.