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Monday, June 18, 2007

Friday and Saturday happenings

Friday early evening: I am no longer in the working mood and since I was in the office early due to my teaching assignment in the training, I have the right to leave the office early. Since it's still early and I’m anticipating the traffic way back home, I decided to drop by bonifacio high street in taguig first. just walked around, entered the crocs store then ate at brother’s burger. I am so down that day, so stressed because of the late nights studying for my training topic then waking up early for the training. What I actually want is to spend the night with hubby, unfortunately, he has prior commitments. I also tried asking my sister out kaso di naman sya sumasagot sa cellphone and we she did, I’m already in the Fort. I actually don't mind going out alone, for me eating alone is also perfectly fine. I guess it’s because by nature, I’m a loner, except on days when I really need someone to talk to, like that Friday night. But I am comfortable doing things alone. Sometimes I prefer eating alone since I can just eat anywhere I want to eat, read magazines/books while waiting for the food, or simply, observe my surroundings. Anyway, since I am in no mood to be strolling alone, I went home. Kurt was already sleeping when I got there so I was able to do some stuff.

Saturday: had breakfast with hubby (something I haven't done for the longest time as I seldom eat breakfast at home now) then I took a shower and told him that I have some errands for the day. I went to unimart greenhills hoping to buy the liquid dishwashing soap that we use to clean Kurt’s bottles. Unfortunately, looks like they're no longer selling that. Good thing the parking attendant was kind enough kasi di na nya ko pinabayad, I only stayed in the parking for like 5 minutes. Then I head off to pearl drive to pick up my scrapbook orders from scrapbukan. Since I also intend to study for this week's training teaching assignment, I stayed in starbucks and studied there. While I was seating there studying, I realized how I missed studying. And made a mental note that when the time comes that I decided to take cisa, I’ll go to that starbucks outlet to study. The place is so conducive (sp?) to studying. finished my drink, wanting to pee, I have no choice but to pack up my things as I cannot simply leave my laptop and stuff on the table while I go for the restroom. Unfortunate of me, somebody’s already occupying my seat when I went back. Decided to move to bonifacio high street, targeting starbucks or figaro there to continue my review. When I got there, I was not able to resist the Conti's temptation. Since I was not able to have a decent lunch, I ate their roast porkloin something, which I actually didn't enjoy! To compensate my dissatisfaction with my main course, I order dessert, ordered the banana cream torte and coffee, well at least this combination is good. Since I already had my coffee and dessert, I have nothing to order in the coffee shop where I intend to study and given Conti’s on-demand status, I don’t think it’s polite to stay there to study. So, in the end, I just went home. Hubby is already there when I arrive. We had dinner then off we went to watch Fantastic Four in Market Market. Kurt’s reaction with the movie, different as compared with his Spiderman and Shrek experience. This time, he’s more distracted and mukhang di nya ganung ka-type yung movie kasi he keeps on leaving his seat though there are some parts of the movie naman na he’s so focused, kahiya nga lang kasi during the time when the cinema was so quiet eh umutot ang magaling na bata, at dedma pa, as if walang nangyari eh ang lakas-lakas ng utot nya. Hahaha…

He was still so full of energy when we got home and I think he went to sleep at around 1am na.