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Monday, June 18, 2007

Father's Day celebration

Sunday, father's day. We decided to celebrate father's day by going to Tagaytay with all of hubby's siblings. Our plan, have lunch at Leslie's. Well, original plan actually was to have a picnic, unfortunately, we were not able to plan the food that we'll bring kaya we decided to just eat in a resto. We left late na, total of five cars. First car to leave was Istong as he'll still pick up Aimee and they intend to leave Tagaytay early. Then, the 3 cars (us using my car, kuya arnold and family using ate sweet's car, and mommy, daddy, iming using dad's car) left in a few minutes interval. The three cars met kuya Noel in Petron SSH then we went convoy na up to Tagaytay. I was a bit worried kasi the sky looks so gloomy in Tagaytay at parang umuulan pa. Good thing we decided not to have the picnic otherwise lagot kami. We're thinking na its gonna be cold and di rin enjoy kasi di namin makikita ang view and we'll confined lang inside the resto. Good thing, pagdating sa taas, sunny na! kaya yipee!! As expected, super daming tao sa Leslie's. Istong and Aimee are already there reserving a long table for us. Sayang lang at di kami dun sa malapit sa view. Had bulalo, crispy buntot ng tuna, grilled tuna belly and grilled pusit. enjoy sarap ng food, super dami. we're all shocked nga lang when the bill came, ang mahal! P6,900! grabe! mahal na ng pagkain sa Leslie's ngayon, di katulad dati. Katawa kami ni hubby kasi kumpleto gadgets kami, dala nya SLR nya, ako hawak ko handycam kaso mo, parehong low battery!! funny talaga! so ang dating eh, wala kaming pictures ng araw na eto.

after lunch, we decided to look for a tambayan. initially, we wanted starbucks kasi katabi lang sya ng leslie's kaso we found out na sinara na pala nila yung connecting gate ng starbucks at leslie's, that we need to move pa the cars. so isip namin is to look for other place na lang. we went around with nothing so we decided to split up, the rest will look for a tambayan while kami with daddy, mommy, iming & iyos will go to the market and buy beef. wow! beef is really cheap in tagaytay. we were able to buy tbone for P160/kilo and tenderloin (na di ko alam magkano). after marketing, they informed us na they went to cafe breton so sunod kami sa kanila. when we got there, kita ko, wow! ganda view dun and konti lang tao. unlike leslie's na very crowded. we found out na di pa pala sila kumain kasi they're waiting for us. so pagdating namin, we had coffee and desserts na. hubby ordered iced cappucino, kurt had a scoop of vanila ice cream, then i ordered for brewed coffee and la delice crepe (banana, nuttela, almond chips and vanilla ice cream) to share with hubby. sarap dessert namin! enjoy! tsika-tsika, enjoying each other's company. we left the place at past four then we dropped by Amira's to buy muna tarts and other stuff. pagbalik manila, diretso, simba na kami.

it was a fun day and good bonding opportunity. i just love going out with family.