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Monday, June 25, 2007

summary of last week's activities

i guess this blogging thing is becoming just a weekly thing for me. happening last week? busy with all the training here in the office, switching between the bootcamp and GAMx is not an easy feat, add to that the fact that i have to be in the office around 8ish. very tough for me! given the fact that i usually go to sleep at midnight, either because i am doing a scrapbook LO or kurt is still awake, which if i go back to last week, all because kurt is still awake. he now have this habit that either he waits for us to go home or if he went to sleep early, he'll wake up at around 10-11pm to play with us. i actually don't know if i'll complain or not. its good because it gives us time to bond with each other but not really good because i can't accomplish anything and i can't even go to sleep early. early last week, i was leaning towards not liking the fact that he's awake when we get home but one night last week, he suddenly preferred to sleep with his mommy2, he was literally telling me to leave, which broke my heart. ang bata talaga, honest, he would prefer to be with someone who spends more time and quality time with him. eye-opener sobra sa kin. last weekend kasi, we let him ride the car from tagaytay pauwi with them since andun 2 cousins nya and while we're in tagaytay, he stayed with them kasi sinamahan namin sila daddy namalengke, and my SIL goes home earlier kasi pumapasok din sya ng maaga and i guess nag-stick sa mind ni kurt yun that his mommy2 spends more time with him than i do. i can't blame him. last week, i leave home at 7am while he's still sleeping and i go home late since i still need to study for the next day's topics or i have a meeting. as in he seldom saw me last week. kaya guilty ako sobra that's why i realized na hindi na ko dapat mainis when he wakes up or still awake when i get home. medyo pumapalya pa rin minsan kasi, sobrang pagod na talaga sa office and i'm so looking forward to relax when i get home pero minsan nauubusan ka pa rin ng pasensya sa kulit. he also has this habit na hindi matutulog unless pilitin mo kahit gaano sya kaantok. and pilit means, kelangang paiyakin mo sya to go to sleep. haayyy... yaya or his mommy2 is not having this difficulty in making him sleep, i guess kids are like that to their parents kaya lang minsan you will feel inadequate, like you're not a good mom.

of course, weekend is bawi time. spending quality time with him. last saturday, sinama na lang namin sya sa Medical City for our optha check-up, he enjoyed this naman kasi mana sa mga magulang, layas din. sunday, we just stayed home so bonding activity pa rin.