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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Lunch in Heaven and Eggs

I had lunch in Heaven and Eggs today and had my favorite Manila Spareribs. Yummy! yummy! yummy! and i'm so glad that they switched back to their original menu where for some main dish, they can choose 2 sidings of: pancakes, hashbrown, mashed potatoes, french fries, rice, etc.

Jenz and I were so disappointed last month when we ate there since they removed these choices. Eh yun pa naman ang unique sa kanila.

Now to go back to my meal. As usual, I love their Manila spareribs. It was the first time that I ordered java rice, before, I always request that the java rice be changed to garlic rice. I am not a big fan of java rice kasi for me, masyadong fake and malagkit. I enjoyed naman they're java rice and of course, my ribs. It's so tender that you will no longer need knife for it. I ordered for additional ribs sauce and been tasting it, hoping that I can guess the ingredients. I'll definitely look for a recipe of this as I really love ribs!