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Sunday, July 01, 2007

i'm on tv

ok. i am an auditor and we have been tabulating PBB since Season 1 but since this season's first episode is very controversial, our role was more critical. we've been working on this for a week, working long hours, doing our own tabulation, etc.

on the big night, our partner was requested to be present to hand over the envelope to the host. i also have to be there to make sure that what is being flashed on the screen is accurate, checking from time to time with the team left in the office. little did i know that i will play a bigger role when i get there. looking at the program sequence guide at the back room, we're briefing the partner that will go up the stage, telling him that he'll go up three times. one, to give the envelope for the 4th place, 2nd, to give envelope for the 3rd place and finally, to give the envelope that will show the 2nd place and the big winner.

however, all of these changed when the production guy told us that all three of us will go up the stage, now this is different. i am not psyched for that. i don't know if i can face the crowd in araneta nor had i imagined myself seen by millions of people on tv. i am really going up, get the envelope from the tube, check it if that's what i am expecting to see, hand it over to toni and give her my approval, then stay on stage the whole time until commercial. whew! it's kinda heavy for a first timer. i'm trying to digest all of these instructions given to me by the floor director. i have to stay in a particular spot in the stage and i have to face the audience/camera in a certain angle.

i probably looked stiff, i am dead nervous and i have no idea on how i should react the entire time. it was the longest 10 minutes of my life and so glad when i finally heard the commercial.