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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

My baby

I am so amazed at how kurt has grown. Here are some of his current milestones as far as I can remember:
- currently weighs 41 lbs.
- eats on his own using spoon and fork
- helps in cleaning up the table after eating
- usually refers to himself on a "third person", always saying his name when he refers to himself though there are times naman when he says "me".
- can count one to ten, then randomly continues with 14, 15, 11, etc.
- can recite the alphabet, his "w" is "ayu"
- can color with matching sabi na "up-down, up-down"
- says "sorry" pag nasaktan ka nya
- prays at night
- can remove his own clothes
- chooses his own clothes to wear and whenever i dress him, he'll ask me if kasya yung damit sa kanya
- knows the representative of each alphabet in the flash card except for X- xylophone.
- can identify orange and black though minsan pumapalya

and i remember! last night, i decided to sleep their opposite side, sa paanan nila ako umulo kasi ang sikip-sikip sobra. in the middle of the night, kurt woke up and ginising ako sabay sabi na "mama lie down here", him moving on the side para patabihin ako sa kanila then sunod na sinabi eh "mama hug kurt". and when he wakes up na wala na daddy nya sa room, he'll ask me where his dada is. then habang nakikita nya kong nagbibihis, he'll ask me if pwedeng "ikot" meaning sakay muna sya with me sa car para iikot ko muna sa around the block. hay.. parang walang direksyon etong entry ko. i just write kasi what i remember.