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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

i'm back

whew! i'm finally back to my blog account. after checking out my first posting, i realized that it's almost a year since i created this account and had my first posting and reading upon it, i realized na di naman ako masyadong bitter na di ako makapag-kwento ng detalye sa asawa ko. hahaha!!!!

anyway, to those who'll read my blog, note lang po, di ako galit sa asawa ko, masyado lang talaga akong madaldal at madetalye magkwento. even my teammate can confirm that and she completely understands my husband kasi yung level ng detail ng kwento ko eh something that guys don't usually tolerate.

anyway again, after reading that ranting, i reflected kung ganun pa rin ba ang view ko. well, i can honestly say that i guess our communication lines are better now as opposed to the way i see it a year ago.

now that i revived this blog, this blog will contain random posts, entries that i used to post in my friendster blog but decided to move here since di ko alam paano maglagay ng photos dun sa entries ko. it will contain my daily life experience, any scrapbook-related post, etc.

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