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Friday, September 28, 2007

Manila zoo field trip - the preps

Kurt had his first field trip today. He went to Manila Zoo with his tita Aimee's preschool class.

To those who've been following my posts, Kurt is on tutorials with Aimee, and Aimee is teaching in a preschool. So when she texted us the other day if its ok with us for Kurt to join on the class field trip to Manila Zoo, of course we said yes to give him an opportunity to experience the field trip.

Hay, I am not used to it, last night, at around 6:30pm, I received a text message from mommy asking me to buy baon for kurt. How could I have not thought about that?! syempre field trip dapat may baon! so I adjusted my boxing schedule (i'll have another post about this) then hurriedly went to Landmark. Excited mama, I bought peanut butter cookies, Ritz crackers, Pik-Nik shoestring potatoes, bag of cupcakes and three triangle tetrapak of Sunkist! Nyahahaha! and the fieldtrip is a half day activity. While doing the grocery I thought of actually going with them kasi first time ni kurt and I want sana to be there to witness it, kaso nakaayos na transpo and everything, marami pang mababago if I join kayo hindi na lang.

When I got home I fixed his backpack, added one set of sando and shorts, extra t-shirt, jacket, bimpo, towel bib, hat, umbrella, anti-mosquito lotion, alcohol, wipes, tissue. Then for food, I realized na madami pala, and mommy was even suggesting that they bring rice kasi baka magutom si kurt kasi 12noon na sila babalik. So, I packed two cupcakes (one cheese and one ube), pack of Ritz crackers, pack of peanut butter cookies, two tetrapak of Sunkist, his bottle of water, two bottles for milk. Then prepared his utensils and baunan for the rice and soup.

For his clothes, I gave him two options: first, red Mickey polo shirt and Mickey maong long pants (the set I bought in the US), and second, green Gingersnaps polo shirt and maong short pants. Syempre, I prepared na rin his socks and briefs and looked na rin for his favorite Crocs sandals.

I'm worried on how we're going to wake him up the next day, kasi they have to be in Aimee's house by 7am. Our plan was to wake him up at 6am.

The next morning, lo and behold, Kurt woke up on his own at 5:20am, no tantrums! nothing at all. Syempre kahit na super aga pa eh I took the chance na to excite him for his zoo trip kasi according to mommy, the night before eh no daw ng no when they are telling him that he'll go to the zoo.

So, we sat muna on the sofa, while waiting for his hot water, discussing with him his zoo trip. No problems at all, smooth ang paliligo. Funny lang that he's more afraid of lukewarm water than cold water.

So, I asked him to choose his clothes. He chose the red Mickey polo shirt but I found out na di na kasya yun long pants so I was trying to make him wear the short pants kaso he doesn't like maong talaga so I make him wear na lang the khaki pants that ate josie gave him.

Excited ang bata! he keeps on checking his baon and ayaw mag-breakfast. Well, actually he wants kaso ang gustong kainin eh yung baon nyang rice. Ayaw ng rice from the pot, gusto eh yung nakabalot.

Everybody was shocked to see him all dressed up already na ang aga-aga pa and super good mood. Daddy was asking him na what he'll see in the zoo, sabi nya elephant, monkey, tiger, etc. He was even playing with Sean and Pau while the two are waiting for their school service. Daddy even gave him a Rebisco choco sandwich to add in his bulging lunch box.

To be continued....

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