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Thursday, September 27, 2007

kurt matters

more stories about kurt's conversation with the people at home:

scene 1:
kurt: lola, where go?
lola: market
daddy 2: what do you want lola to buy for you?
kurt: "olam"

nyahahaha!! instead of the usual kids request for pasalubong na candy, chocolate or chips, my son requested for "ulam"!

scene 2:
on the bed, when we're about to sleep. francis was convincing kurt to wear diaper but the little boy, ayaw talaga.

dada: kurt, wear diaper!
kurt: no!
dada: sige, no dede
kurt: ayaw dada, mama!
dada: pwes,ayoko rin sa yo

hay naku, ang mag-ama ko nag-aaway. at si kurt, marunong na rin mamili ng preferences nya. antok na antok na ko kagabi kaya di ko na sila pinatulan.

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