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Monday, September 24, 2007

sad feelings

As I am listening to the Christmas songs, I can’t help but remember last year. The joys and pains of last year. I most especially remember ate swannie’s death and my heart is bleeding for my nephews and niece. They are too young to lose a mother. My heart bleeds in realizing that they will never see their mother anymore in this lifetime. I cry silently thinking how they really are now. what they are feeling. I deeply pray and plead to God to help them heal their hearts, to help them deal with this. I don’t know and will not exactly feel what they are going through right now but I hope and pray that they are well. These have been my thoughts for more than a year now. ate swannie’s death anniversary passed already last aug. 31st but I can still feel the pain now. Will we still have a merry Christmas, a Christmas as joyous as the one we had in 2005. Will our family go back to what it used to be on that Christmas holidays. This year will be another experience on its own. Kuya Jay is spending Christmas in Singapore, Kuya Onie will be spending it in Jeddah. Ate in the US. Good thing inay and tatay are going back here.

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