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Monday, September 24, 2007

Weekend summary

Been a while since I last blogged. Busy at work, conducting trainings.

Happening this weekend:

We went to Anilao, Batangas. Hubby with his officemates had a cleanup dive and we tagged along. We stayed in Pier Uno and the place is great for relaxation. It's a dive resort actually but we enjoyed nonetheless, I would really love to have a vacation house beside the beach. It's just so relaxing and recharging. We arrived at Pier Uno, saturday morning, too bad the weather is not cooperative, it's raining. Stayed for a while in our room to rest then we head off for our buffet lunch. After lunch, we (Kurt and Yang-yang) changed to our swimming attire with the hope of having a dip in the water, unfortunately Kurt is so afraid of the waves that he preferred throwing stones (since in Anilao, it's all stones, no sand on shore) on the water, while it's drizzling. We just watched hubby and team prepared for their dive. Some might see it as boring but I actually enjoyed doing nothing, though there were few moments i wished i brought a book or magazine. After that kurt grew tired throwing stones that he asked us to go back to the room and sleep. That's something new, he's the one who requested for an afternoon nap. I guess he's so tired to think we woke up really early, though he was sleeping on our way to Anilao. Dinner was buffet again. There were three performers during dinner, one lady singing, one in organ and one in guitar and I felt like we're in a rustic province bar. I really thought that they're the only entertainers for the night. I really grew tired of them so we decided to go to our room to rest already. Good thing our room is near the dining area, as we heard my name called in the raffle and we also learned that "Color it Red" is performing. Now, that is Entertainment! Kurt enjoyed watching the band that he doesn't want to go to bed yet, he's actually crying in our room pleading that he go with dada to clap and sing. He's so funny because he's using the wooden key chain as his drum stick or microphone. He's really enjoying his first band watching =)

Next day, we woke up at around 8:30am. I set up the alarm, fearing to lose the chance to eat breakfast. LOL

Had buffet breakfast, changed to swimwear for an attempt to dip into the water but to no avail again. Kurt really doesnt like the sea. Sayang ang shopping ko ng floaters. I bough him a life vest, ring floater, arm floater and we also have a beach ball. LOL So we contented ourself again to watching the divers prepare for another dive then when we got tired of it, went back to our room.

Francis then called us that it's time for lunch, buffet again! I think, I gained some pounds there! LOL! After lunch, we packed up our things then left for Manila.

We bought lanzones along the zigzag road in Cuenca, it's so sweet!

We went straight to Vibal for the bingo. When we got there, we were lucky to be playing the last three games. It was fun and what's even better is I won in the grand prize! Weehee! my first time! I was so happy even if we had a triple tie. I won in the "blackout" game and my winning number is G-48. The prize was P10,000 and since there were three of us, we divided the money.

After bingo, we had a family dinner to celebrate our winning, LOL! actually, it's hubby's advance birthday celebration. We ate at Aveneto in SM Hypermart in Pasig. Food was really great, we ordered 3 kinds of large pizza: Pepperoni, Howie's special (my favorite) and Special, then 3 kinds of pasta: Carbonara, Nut & Pesto Seafood, Meatballs parmigianna then mommy and daddy ordered seafood salad and tossed salad. Food is so yummy! It was a great weekend. We got home really tired. Funny that on our way home from Aveneto, kurt and his cousin sean are playing in the car, kurt is saying mine and sean is copying him. we realized then that he really has a very wide vocabulary already.

Day ending, well, we fixed our things first then kurt settled in to and watched Narnia while trying to fall asleep, we are all so tired that we slept with the lights on and Narnia still playing on the TV.

What a weekend!

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