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Monday, September 29, 2008

Hubby's birthday celebration

Hubby celebrated his 3_th birthday last friday. I can't think of any other gift for him so bought him an orange Lacoste polo shirt instead. I'm actually thinking of buying him a new cellphone as his Globe phone badly needs replacement but that thought caught me offhand, hindi ko agad napag-isipan at napag-ipunan so I decided against it. He loved his polo shirt, kala ko lang eh he's so payat na that I bought size 3 instead of 4 so we have to go pa to Greenbelt to have the size changed. His officemates treated him for lunch in Aveneto that friday while the two of us had dinner in our favorite steakhouse, Gulliver's. Of course we ordered the prime roast beef Gulliver's cut and a glass of wine. We chose to order the wine per glass now as the last time when we ordered one bottle, si hubby lang ang umubos kasi di ko type lasa but surprisingly, this time masarap yung wine that I finished my glass while hubby ordered another one. It was a very good meal, ganda pa ng view and when we arrived there, kami pa lang dalawa, aga kasi namin. I usually order dessert after a good meal but since hubby brought with him a very big cake from his officemates, I just ordered coffee and decided to wait for the dessert at home.

Saturday night, we had a simple dinner at home naman with his side of the family.

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