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Sunday, October 05, 2008

My angel

Kurt and his classmates had a presentation this morning during the 8am mass in the village. I was so teary-eyed as I can't believe that he's a big boy already. I am so proud of him as during the entire mass, he was very well-behaved even if he's far from us as he is with his classmates. They sang Angel of God and even had some actions to go with it. Funny lang the little boy as he only did the acts on the first round, on the succeeding rounds, parang nag-sink-in sa kanya na ang daming tao, natulala na. Here are some of the pics:

Kurt before the mass:

During the presentation, before priest's final blessing:

With kuya Sean:

With lola, Iyos, lolo and kuya Sean:

More of the pictures here.

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Jody said...

ang cute naman nila dito...naka-angel costume!