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Sunday, August 10, 2008

To do's tonight

I finally have the time to blog. I am listing here the tags that I have to do so I won't forget them, baka mabaon na sa cbox ko = )

1. Cez tag about my cheap snack below P20 as seen here
2. Tet's online diva tag here
3. Em's tag in her about food blog, sis, no exact link on the tag so I just guessed that it's about kids fear/food factor as I've seen here. Ay funny, you included na pala the exact link on the next message.
4. Visit and hear new chikas from my fave blogs.
5. Browse and look for a new layout, I'm growing tired with the look of my blog.

And lastly, attempt to study wordpress and/or having my own domain as I so want to go back to earning those $$$

So these are my to do's. Hoping to be able to do all of them tonight before the little boy goes down and attempts to turn off my laptop again.

1 comment:

something purple said...

hahah yun nga yung juliet =)
no rush naman sa paggawa =)

sige goodluck sa to dos mo.