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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Empty and tired

That's what I'm feeling right now. Been like this eversince my exam ended at 1pm this afternoon. I've already been to the parlor, had a hair cut (a really short one), had foot spa and pedicure, been re-reading my Twilight book BUT still I feel empty, tired and lonely. I don't know if the exam was very hard but there are probably 10 questions which I have definitely guessed and then I have these answers that I initially marked with a question mark with the intention of reviewing them later on which I have never had the time to do so. I guess that's what surprised me. We had a mock exam two months ago, same format, 200 questions that we have to answer in 4 hours, I finished ahead of time, took 3 hours plus and that already includes me reviewing my answers but this time, I never had time for that. My co-examinees didn't seem to be as bothered as me, I don't know why, was it really just me who really thought that the exam was hard? I was so affected that I even shed a few tears when I got home. I am very very tired, you see, I only was able to sleep last night at past 2am or was that 3am, then I woke up at 5:15am. The little boy won't let me sleep last night. Of all the nights, that is the night he decided to stay up late and he won't even let me sleep. Eh since, sleeping has always been my problem, I can't sleep even if I am sleepy already, I was only able to sleep when he finally decided to go to sleep beside me. My MIL was even kind enough to keep him company in the living room watching cartoons while I attempt to go to sleep in our room, hubby is out for a christmas party and he's out again today for his bowling then kita-kits with highschool friends.

I don't know if for how long I'll feel this way. I hope I get over soon as it is already affecting my view of all the other aspect of my life.

I am just so tired. I know I did my best in preparing for this exam. I faithfully attended all the saturday review class, only missing a half day due to an office activity. I faithfully read the review manual three times!! the first one, before the class discussion; second time, was when we were given one month to study before the mock exam and the third time was after the mock exam and before the actual exam. I attended the group study. Even patiently studying everyday after office, sleeping at 12 midnight the earliest for that matter.

Hay... I know this post is so...frustrating. I am.

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