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Monday, November 10, 2008

Droppin by

I know...I know... I haven't update this blog for so long. I am supposed to post about the following:
~ little boy's birthday in school
~ his first exam
~ his trick or treat

BUT as usual I am so busy. Busy with everything but mainly because I am preparing for my exam this December. I only have a month left to prepare so I have to treasure the precious time that I have to study. So, I apologize for this. I will definitely be back with a vengeance, but it does not mean that I won't be accessing this blog until the exam, I will but probably not much updates. But I definitely still visit your blogs. Don't worry! hindi ako magpapaiwan sa chismis.


Jody said...

Thanks for your comment re Bianca's party in Cribs. Try nyo rin pumunta dun minsan. You will be touched by the kids. Alam mo, parang sabik na sabik sila sa hold ng mommies. Kasi, nagpapakarga silang lahat sa akin. Tapos ayaw lahat magpababa, umiyak talaga when we left. Super natouch talaga ako. and yes, I caught bianca giving that toy. nakakatuwa!

Ey, btw, goodluck on your exam. I'm sure you will do good.

earthlingorgeous said...

Hi! I found you on the Pinay Bloggers Forum and I would like to invite you to my 1st year blog anniversary giveaway.

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I hope to see you there!

Happy Sunday!