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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Louis Vuitton Bags

I have never read my egroup's email in a month. And since I am so stressed out in work this morning due to the training I am conducting plus the pressure from home due to the search for the little boy's preschool, I tried to relax and read the tons of unread email digest from the group. Lo and behold! the most popular topic is LV bag. It is so funny reading all the email exchanges, halo-halo! all the LV fanatics went out and all the LV dreamers plus some who can't imagine why someone would buy bags as expensive as LV. I almost went out of my lurking mode and react pero I feel it's so gasgas na to react na so I just decided to write my opinion and feelings about the topic here.

First, a few months ago, I am one of those people who can't imagine why many people are so obsessed with LV (given that ang dami-dami namang fake! and mind you, some fake are hard to distinguish ha! they look authentic) and I remember even saying to a close male officemate that I can't believe why people buy them (again, madaming fake! so parang di worth it to buy authentic) and I don't really see myself spending more than P10,000 for a bag. E ngayon pa nga lang, di na ko makabili ng more than P5000 na bag eh!

Then, just a few months back too, my opinion/thoughts changed. I guess the conversion was brought about too with what my male officemate told me too. Sabi nya, wag ka magsalita ng tapos, you'll never know that probably time will come you will buy too. Some people buy it because they can really afford it and given their position or status in life, they have to have it. At dun ako napaisip.

I guess it boils down to whether the person can really afford it. For me, it's unreasonable if buying these luxury items would a have a big damage on the family budget. Wag naman yung tipong the cost of the bag eh isang buwang sweldo na. Though syempre, marami pa ring argument dun, like yun other reason ko below. That for some, even if it will cost them much, ok lang kasi that's their fetish/collection/obsession.

Pero kung tipong ikaw eh katulad ng mga pamilya ng mga Ayalas, Lopezes, Cojuangco's at kung sino-sinong mayayaman dyan eh no question about it talagang para sa yo ang LV, no dent on the pocket! LOL!

On the other side of the coin naman.

Some, they really save for it and consider it as their reward for hardword. Ako, I do not question this. We work really hard to sustain our family's lives and we sometimes need reward or pampalubag loob man lang for all our hardwork. Pareho lang to ng traveling eh, not all people can always afford to go on vacation and usually vacations cost a lot of money and dents our savings BUT we still go for it kasi we deserve it. We need the break, we need that reward.

Next, each person have their own fetish/obsession. Some are obsessed with cars and car accessories, others are obsessed with cameras and all the expensive lens, filters and other accessories that goes with it. Others naman are obsessed with their hobby or sports like golf, diving, etc. All of these also need expensive equipments/gadgets. So, I guess ganun din eto. Medyo mas parang may judgement nga lang kasi most people questions na "bag lang yan" and "mostly brand lang ang binabayaran" though I was educated from the egroup that an LV bag can be passed on too to next generation due to its very good quality. At pwede pa palang isangla na parang jewelries!

As for me, nope, I don't have an LV bag yet. Of course, I sometimes or more often dream to own one, most especially the Neverfull MM, Batignolles Vertical and Alma Epi, andyan din ang Montorgueil PM, Lockit Nomade. Ang haba ng listahan!! LOL! Hindi naman masama mangarap di ba! But for now, I really don't think I will buy one, I am still on the stage na it's impractical for me to buy it and that I know I will feel guitly (more than feel happy) when I buy one due to a lot of factors na hindi related sa asawa at anak ko. Asawa ko pa? sabihin nya lang sa kin eh, ikaw? pera mo yan eh!

But of course, I do hope and wish that someone will give it to me as a gift.

And oh, I have one secret I'll share, I vowed to myself that once I reached the "coveted" position in our office, then I'll buy one. Though eto medyo matagal-tagal pa yata eto kahit na yun na ang next level ko. Tipong 5-10 years?!

I super love bags too! I just haven't reached the "designer" level yet though which I am glad sa ngayon kasi at least hindi ako sobrang naglalaway sa inggit! LOL!

For now, I am dreaming and hoping that I will finally own a more affordable authentic leather bag, that is, Fino.

Pahabol na isip: Na-realize ko rin how I progressed sa bag addiction ko.
- Nung nag-aaral ako ng college, obsession ko lang nun are the Gift Gate bags and Giordano messenger bag.
- When I started to work, it became Girbaud bags
- Then the Lacoste fever started at grabe ang obsession ko sa Lacoste that until now I'm almost not over it yet
- I went to the states and became so ga-ga with Nine West, RL, Liz Claiborne and Tommy Hilfiger bags! sobrang mura kasi dun! Hindi nakakapanghinayang! And I also have dollar allowance then so affordable talaga.
- Ngayon, I am itching to own a Fino bag kasi ang bango-bango ng leather and the styles are so classic na pang-office talaga.

Hmmm... I wonder where will this bag obsession will take me next?? buti na lang di ko pa nabibili si Fino, at least di pa ko uusod. LOL!!

Oh, and one more additional point. Policy ko kasi sa sarili ko ngayon is I don't want to invest on things/items na madaling i-fake kasi minsan di ako magaling magdala baka mapagkamalang fake pa ang dala ko! Insulto naman di ba! Might as well avoid buying easy to fake items na lang until I am sure na proven authentic user ako. LOL!! Naalala ko tuloy sabi ng friend ng husband ko na nagtatrabaho sa Singapore, that in Singapore, pag Pinay ang may dala ng LV, usually suspected fakes! it's just so unfair!! but I guess they have a basis for saying that.

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Haute said...

I love bags too. Well I started to love expensive bags when I realized that cheap ones (even cheap real leather ones like Mikaela, aren't really durable. I was walking along Ayala Ave in formal attire and a small Mikaela bag (I came from work kasi on my way to a wedding), tas biglang naputol yung strap ng Bag! God, had I bought a more durable, more expensive bag, hindi masisira ang poise ko! And think about a fino bag worth 10k which will last you for 10 years, kesa buy a cheap bag worth 1k which will last for 3 months of heavy use...compute the cost, mas sulit na ung mas mahal na high quality.

Even Fino has after sales service, so ibig sabihin pwede mo iparepair sakanila ang bag mo should it be damaged.

As for LV and other signature brands, they have after sales service also, but you have to wait long before you can get your bag back because they'll still send it to Paris or Milan to have them repaired sa main factory nila.

Advantages of buying local: Madali iparepair and hindi harang sa customs!

My first signature bag is a black Leather Fendi Spy and I had it shipped here from the States, super hassle sa customs! (Sana nag-Fino nalang ako. Same luxurious leather smell at a fraction of the cost)

Well goodluck in your search of the dream bag within your budget. We hardworking ladies need to reward ourselves every once in a while (or at least once in a blue moon).