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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Search for new preschool

To address our concerns regarding the little boy's school as posted here. Our search for the little boy's preschool is still not over. I started looking by going through the archives of our egroup, reading the discussion about traditional vs. progressive from moms exchange, then searched for a preschool near our area from

So far, last friday, I was able to visit one preschool inside the village, name is Reggio Children Preschool House, the school is newly constructed, Kurt and I went there together, they have a small student population. For Nursery, only 8 students are currently enrolled. Though they mentioned that the Nursery students are aged 3 years old, mostly turning four next year pa and since Kurt will turn four this year, they said that if we decide to enroll Kurt here, they will assess him and see if pwede na sya sa Kinder 1 though ako I prefer that he stay in Nursery as it is his first year to study. A hesitation about this school is the schedule, they only have morning session, which is 9am-12noon so it will be a big adjustment for the little boy though di pa rin naman ganung kaaga. I was not able to observe an actual class ongoing as they are having their snacks when we went there then we left din agad kasi the little boy has a 10am class pa. I'm thinking of going back there one of these days pag naka-visit na kami ng isa pang alternative.

Our next choice is Parkwood Playschool, mas malayo ng konti, we haven't visited the school yet but called them already and visited their website. They are progressive, though I think it's mixed na kasi they have workbooks na rin, to be confirmed though once we get the chance to visit the school.

We're actually trying to select muna schools within the area but if talagang walang ok that's when we'll move farther but still within the Pasig area.

So far, my choices are:

Cambridge Child Development Center - Valle Verde 1
Creative Learning School - Kapitolyo
H.A.T.C.H Education - San Joaquin (hubby's nephew's current school and we've been receiving good feedbacks from his brother and SIL)
Second Mom - beside Brent, near Ultra (very expensive though)

But I do hope that we can find one that we like in either Reggio or Parkwood Playschool as these are nearest to our place. Though, as of now, parang I am more inclined on Parkwood Playschool as they offer KinderMusik and they use Singapore Math. Sana talaga we find one na ASAP as the second trimester will start na on September 1 so we only have a 1 1/2 week to decide.

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♥em♥ said...

Goodluck on the school hunt sis =) i have been lurking on your blog kaso di ako maka comment hehe!

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