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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I love shopping!

Thanks Carla for this tag!

I love shopping! and it means buying of anything. I love to do the grocery, I love going to bookstore, I love looking for clothes. It actually depends on what I feel like buying as of a particular moment. Like yesterday, my target was the bookstore, I "hoarded" Kumon workbooks and other preschool workbooks as the little boy loves answering them when I get home from work. Then on my way back to office from NBS, I passed by Keihl's and oh my!! I hoarded naman facial products. Another new addiction is that eversince Bayo opened in Greenbelt 5, it became my habit to check for their new stocks, I guess it just shows how I am missing Glorietta 2 as Bayo and Kamiseta are both there.

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