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Friday, August 08, 2008

It is the Day

Wow! to be able to experience this part of history. To be able to be alive when 08.08.08 actually happened. So many things happening today.

On my way to work this morning, while listening to my favorite morning companion, RX 93.1's The Morning Rush by Chicco and Delamar, I heard four greetings for wedding and that is in a span of 45 minutes. I can just imagine how a lot of couples decided to get married today and I can just imagine how many pregnant moms have decided to be induced for caesarean today so that their kids will have the 08.08.08 birthday. But what is galing is that one of my officemate's daughter turned eight years old today. That's really great huh?! turning 8 on 08.08.08

And today, as planned, is the opening of the summer olympics in Beijing, China. It will happen at exactly 8:00 pm tonight and this morning, again, I heard from RX93.1, this time on my way to the office from the client before lunch, that a motorcade with cyclists supporting the Beijing Olympics, started with their motorcade from Quezon City Hall at 08:08 this morning and they passed by Marikina, Pasig, going to Mandaluyong, Makati, Manila and final destination is Pasay, in SM Mall of Asia just in time for the opening ceremonies tonight. Looks like there's going to be a party as well in MOA.

Well for me, so far so good. I am oh so busy but everything's been doing well. I was actually wishing to have made a post at 08:08 this morning, unfortunately, I'm already on my way to the client.

So, here's my 08.08.08 post!

An update at 6:34 PM, I was about to search something in Google when I noticed this

Cute di ba!!

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