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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

School search finally over

Finally! our school search for the little boy is over! We've finally found the school that both hubby and I, and Kurt loves!

We actually limited our search to two schools only, we went there before and inquired, watched the class, talked to the teachers. And this morning, we took the little boy to the two schools to let him choose which one he likes and his decision, which is what hubby and I chose too is Parkwood Playschool. It's not within the subdivision though not really far from our area and we love the school, the program, the facilities, the teachers. They use Singapore Math so no need to send the little boy to Kumon and best of all they have Kindermusik so talagang excited na kami. It's a DAP school and when we visited them kanina, they're currently reviewing for the assessment tomorrow and friday. We'll enroll the little boy within the week as he has to start next week na kasi eksakto na simula ng 2nd quarter.

Though before we do that we have to talk pa to the little boy's current teacher.

He'll be joining the Explore Class. In addition to the normal curriculum, they have the following activities:

Monday - Yoga Monday
Tuesday - Drop Everything and Read
Wednesday - Science Experiments
Thursday - Cooking Class
Friday - Outdoor Play

They also have different community exposure every month, I think for September, they'll visit fire station, police station, Superferry and bus station. Sayang nga kasi sana andun na sya kasi when we visited last week, they were having their Linggo ng Wika festivities that in addition to the kids wearing filipino costume, they're playing luksong tinik and other filipino games then they have mga kakanin for merienda.

They will not be wearing the typical white polo and blue shorts uniform, instead, they're uniform is a blue and green polo shirt with the school logo then they can wear any shorts and shoes na. The little boy will be happy about that as he doesn't like wearing his polo.

For reading and writing, they use Sing, Spell, Read & Write program. As mentioned in their website, it is a phonic based program that uses a 36-step program of carefully sequenced steps to teach reading, writing, and spelling. Sing, Spell, Read & Write immerses kids in over 300 multi-sensory hands-on developmental readiness activities that help them learn colors, shapes, and all other concepts that lay the groundwork for learning to read.

Then for math nga, they use Singapore Math. As mentioned in their website, Singapore Math is a learning program developed in Singapore that has been adapted to various school curricula worldwide. In the Singapore Math program, children learn an understanding of the way mathematical processes work and are taught to use new skills immediately in the solving of problems.

Then as an add on, which is scheduled every tuesday and thursday, there's KinderMusik's ABC Music & Me. I'm so excited!! Finally, our school dilemma will end soon.

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Pat said...

the daily activities sound so interesting and fun. : )