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Friday, February 01, 2008

A fun weekend continued

So, as posted here, we finally decided to visit Trinoma. My initial reaction when I saw the place? hmm.. looks like Glorieta then we were able to go to the part near Mindanao avenue, that's where the restaurants are and wow! I am surprised, it looks like Greenbelt! ganda! the little boy enjoyed the water falls and effects while I looked around. Oh how I wish hubby was with us that time. He's actually supposed to pick us up from there however daddy asked him to pick up Dante from Lipa as he wants some things fixed at home so he'll be arriving Manila late and I am so tired already so we just decided to commute again. We took the MRT then went to the crossing jeepney station and rode the jeep. Little boy must have been really tired because he fell asleep in the jeepney and boy was it a challenge as I carried him from the jeepney until we took the tricycle, I'm telling you it was such a long walk. Kaasar pa kasi when we arrived home, he woke up and very active as if I was not having a hard time waking him up a few minutes ago. Pictures of our weekend to follow.

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