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Friday, February 01, 2008

Restos tried this week

I know I have to post this. I tried two new restos this week and went back to a favorite one. As a backgrounder, last week, while we were eating Burgoo's Tomas Morato, our discussion went to Nanbantei and by the end of lunch, all of us are craving to eat there. So, last Monday, I asked hubby to eat there. I'm actually asking him to have lunch there but since he've got a 1pm meeting we've decided to move it to dinner. This is the second time that hubby and I ate there, I posted our first here. The other times I ate there was with my officemates c/o our boss. As usual, we ordered the "Bestseller yakitori treat" which consists of 21 sticks. Hubby and I felt so full after the dinner that I've decided to have coffee at Bo's after. Then last Wednesday, the boss asked us to go out for lunch. We're the only three managers in the office, the rest are on client or on leave. So, where did we eat? Shang! it was my first time to eat in Shang Palace here in Makati Shang. I tried Shang Palace in EDSA Shang but that was like 8-9 years ago. We enjoyed our lunch consist mainly of different dimsums, noodles and veggies and our tummies were so full because they keep on refilling our cups with hot tea! Then yesterday, we had our regular meeting and this time, she asked us to eat at Cantinetta in Rockwell. Another first for me here. We ordered various flavors of pizza and pasta, my favorite of all we ordered was the eggplant parmigiana, it was so good!! You can hardly taste the eggplant because of the melted cheese. Yum! yum! then for dessert we had pannacota and their famous Illy coffee. They were warning me that the coffee is strong but when I tasted it, it suites my taste perfectly. That's when my boss concluded that I am really a coffee drinker because she can't take to drink one cup by herself. It was such "gastronomic full week" (a term I invented! LOL!)for me. I have one happy tummy again. LOL!

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