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Monday, November 26, 2007

Summary of bonding with hubby last week

Been busy last week that I wasn't able to post our activities.

Wednesday last week, hubby & I ate at Nanbantei of Tokyo in Greenbelt 3. I just love this restaurant. Their specialty is yakitori or japanese grill. We got the bestseller - it contains 21 sticks, 3 pcs. of each variant - corn, asparagus, chicken wings, potatoes with bacon, chicken ( 2 servings) and pork. My favorite is corn and the pork. Their menu is so simple and the yakitori is definitely so simple but I love eating here. We had green tea icecream for dessert. And oh, the reason why we ate here? we celebrated my 10th year with the firm!! Oh yes! that's how long I am with the firm now.

Thursday, we watched Enchanted. The movie is sooo funny! and Dr. Mc Dreamy (Patrick Dempsey) is soooo handsome! I highly recommend this movie, hubby and I are laughing so hard while watching. Didn't know that the witch is Susan Sarandon, learned about it only this morning from the Morning Rush in RX 93.1. I can actually watch it again as I so love the movie.

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