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Friday, February 01, 2008

Blog to earn

I have been blogging actively since last quarter of last year with the original purpose of having an avenue for my thoughts and life happenings. However, as I am checking out other fellow blogger's blog, that's when I learned that there are a lot of earning potentials in blogging. Wow! to be able to blog and earn from it is really awesome. This paid blogging even became a topic in one of my egroups, so I checked it out. Most of my co-bloggers recommend Smorty so I decided to visit the website. I found out that this is indeed a great site. They provide you with all the information needed for a first-time blogger or advertiser. The site is user-friendly and I heard they give really good oppportunities too. I was able to understand all about paid blogging by reading the FAQs, rules and terms from them. Wow, I think I'll be enjoying this a lot, to be able to blog for money is something that I never really imagined possible before!

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