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Thursday, January 31, 2008

The car is back!

I forgot to post! my car is back!! got it last tuesday. finally! i was able to get it from honda makati at past 5pm then i went straight home. i actually want to get it earlier so i can still make it to our village clubhouse for the car sticker. unfortunately, they cannot promise releasing it early so i have no choice. i'd rather wait than them sacrifice the quality of their work.

i am so funny because all the time that i'm waiting in honda, i was so nervous. i don't know if i can drive properly and to think it'll be dark already by the time i leave honda. it surprised me though that when i was already inside the car, all the nervousness was gone.

so now, i've got my car back, i don't have to commute anymore if hubby's not available. yipee!!