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Monday, December 31, 2007

Barney Live!

I have been so excited until the day that we're going to watch comes. Kurt likes Barney so much, as in for a time, si Barney lang pinapanood nya. Though a few days before we watched Barney, he suddenly showed interest na on Dora. Anyway, to go back to Barney, we've been preparing kurt na rin for this pero i think hindi nya alam na he's going to watch Barney live. As posted here, we got the sunday, 3pm show.

Lunch time that day, the little boy had a preview na of Barney. He saw Barney in ASAP, as in he's asking me "Paano?". His dialog was: "Mama, paano?" tipong hindi makapaniwala that Barney is here in the Philippines. So I had a preview na of kurt's reaction when he sees the actual Barney.

The way to Cubao was so bad, as in grabe traffic, kasi we took the mistake of passing by Cubao's bus station, so super traffic. We parked in Gateway, then off we went to Barney.

I've been telling hubby that I am worried that I am gonna cry. I'll cry kasi I know kurt will be very happy to see Barney.

The show started, the little boy's reaction? tulala. As in! nakatitig lang sya, not even participating. As in silently nanonood. Syempre, naluha ako. Medyo, kainis nga later on kasi parang wala lang sa kanya, I guess he still can't believe that he's seeing the actual Barney. When the first part was about to end, they allowed the kids to go near the stage so kurt and his dada went there.

Had a break, then on the second part na, ayun, he asked me to go back there near the stage and he's dancing na but not as much as when he's watching Barney on TV.

In a way, I didn't quite expected that he'll not participate that much, he loves Barney songs and dances and sings with it at home pero that time, not much, siguro nga, kasi nagulat sya na it's a real Barney. Stage design is not that good, simple lang. What we really paid for here is for Kurt to really experience seeing Barney live again. I know na from the start that the show is not that long, kasi syempre, the audience are kids.

Here are some of the pictures: