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Monday, December 31, 2007

Few hours before new year

It's three hours before midnight. A few hours before we welcome the new year. 2008. And, I am here, enjoying the one hour quiet time blogging.

We just got back from the second pamamanhikan for Chris and Aimee. We had the pamamanhikan already last summer but since Aimee's dad who was in the US that time arrived last Christmas, we went to their house again for get-together, this time with him. As usual, kainan na naman, bestseller are the crabs, too bad, i'm too full that I only ate one piece. Another hit to both kids and adults is the Nintendo Wi (sp?). It's so galing! the boys (both young and adult) played bowling, boxing and tennis. Galing kasi you're really going to move. Hindi katulad ng mga usual games na nakaupo ka lang at kamay lang ang gumagana. Dito as in you'll really do the act of playing like in bowling, as in you'll act like you're really playing bowling. Sure hit kay kurt ang boxing, he's so galing as in he knocks off you kalaban.

So, why the quiet moment now? well, everybody, except me, hubby and kurt, are in the church. Why are we not in the church? kasi the little boy, who's so cranky kanina is sleepping kaya we've decided na bukas na lang kami mag-mass.

As we're a few hours before 2008. I'm listing here some of my targets for the new year, which I really hope to accomplish. And, I'm broadcasting here as sabi nila, you should make public your intentions para mas may pressure na tuparin.

So, here is my list:
1. On top of my list, to seriously lose weight. AS IN! I really have to. I target to go back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I have a plan, and I just hope that I can stick to it.
2. To do at least 2 scrapbook layouts per month.
3. Be more organized. I am burara pag kulang ng lalagyan, so my solution is to constantly buy plastic boxes para hindi nakakalat gamit. My first project - the back of our headboard. Second target, my steel cabinet in the office, I'm hoping to empty the four drawers when we move in to our new floor. Third target, my overhead cabinets.
4. To read more helpful/educational books. Hoping that this year be a year of new learning din.

So that's it. I think it's a fairly good list.