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Thursday, December 27, 2007

My 5 things

I actually didn't know that Nyree tagged me for this but I was reading her blog and saw that she actually tagged me so late man eh sagutin ko na rin.

5 things found in my bag (note: i have no the really small lacoste bag, so my answer is based on this current bag. depende kasi sa laki ng bag ang dala ko):

Mobile phone
Body Shop flawless skin protecting foundation
Excedrin migraine medicine

5 things found in my wallet (i have separate case for cards so konti lang cards sa wallet ko):

payroll atm
various receipts
pictures (hubby & i, kurt)
drivers licence

5 Things found in my room

DVD player
personal laptop
kurt's toys

5 Things I've Always Wanted To Do

learn baking
have my own coffee shop
have enough time and space for scrapbooking

5 Things I am Currently Into

scrapshopping (mwahahahah...tsk..tsk..tsk)
Lacoste bag shopping
working?? (corny... can't think of any na eh)

5 People to Tag this Meme

Hmmm... parang almost all blogs i visit have this na.