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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Barney Live in Manila

Yipee! we finally have tickets for Barney's show. We bought it from SM ticketnet tonight and we got PT106, row A, seats 1-3 for the 3pm show on Dec. 23. Eversince I read in one of the blogs I visit that Barney is coming, I immediately informed hubby about it and asked for his free schedule. I really want kurt to watch this. I am so excited for the little boy. He loves Barney so much. He actually learned about Barney when he was able to watch Barney's show here in Manila last December 2005. He's only 1yr old then. He was only able to go because my brother have 2 extra tickets. And since it was a weekday then, it's only Kurt and yaya who watched together with my brother's family. So now, I am so excited and I can't wait! for sure he will love it. Barney is his only favorite. He watches other cartoons but he always goes back to his Barney cds. He has a lot na sobra. Soooo excited! i can't wait for Dec. 23!

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