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Friday, November 16, 2007

A possible anniversary celebration: Cancelled!

Oh well.. i spoke to soon. I posted about a possible anniversary celebration here. And now, we're more than sure that it'll not push through and what's worse is same as prior years, mukhang magkahiwalay na naman kami on our anniv.

Why did we cancel? well, we cannot get confirmed tickets. Francis return tickets are still on waiting list while I cannot get any tickets going to and back from Singapore kahit na mag-business class ako. We're moving the trip some other time. Probably, next year na, on the next long weekend - Feb. 25.

Siguro the best anniv celebration we had was last year when francis visited me in the US. hmm... not an anniv celeb but a chance for just the two of us to be together and really had a good time ng kaming dalawa lang. That's the last trip that we did na kami lang. This year, we always have kurt with us, unless you'll count yung time na nag-abot kami ni Francis sa Singapore last March. He went to Malaysia for a business trip via Singapore and on his last day there, first day ko naman. So, nagkita kami sa airport, hinatid nya ko sa hotel ko then had lunch with his friends, pasyal ng konti then diretso na sya sa airport pabalik Manila.

Why we won't be together this year on our anniv? well, looks like I'll have another business trip somewhere. I'm still processing my papers for visa application and pag natuloy it'll be for two weeks starting Dec. 2 so talagang eksakto sa ming anniv. Hay.. i just wish he can go with me to this trip na lang.

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