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Thursday, October 25, 2007

A possible anniversary celebration

Over the past three years, we have never really celebrated our wedding anniversary. Our first year, 2004, hubby is in Singapore for a work assignment and I can't go visit him as I have just given birth that October via CS. Second year, 2005 - we were together but we were not really able to celebrate it for a reason that I cannot remember anymore. Third year, 2006 - I am in the US. And now, on our fourth year, looks like we can have a grand celebration.

We're going to Singapore! well, actually, original intention of going there was not actually to celebrate but it just happens that hubby's frequent flyer miles and expiring. And I have miles that I can use too so we decided to go there.

He's booked already, leaving on Nov. 29 evening (since Nov. 30 is a holiday) then we're going back sunday. Me, medyo low tech ang PAL, I can't do the booking online so I have to process it by calling then going to the PAL office.

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