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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Weekend in Batangas

Ok.. so hubby and I went home at past 1am from our Bagaberde gimik and I think we went to sleep at around 3am looking for more news regarding the Glorietta accident. So, I am worried that I will be really tired to go home to Batangas that saturday morning.

My brother, who's working in Singapore arrived that thursday since it was his birthday and he wants all of us to go home to Batangas to celebrate there. He also wanted that we leave Manila early to spend more time in Batangas and at the same time, to avoid the traffic. Good thing, I still woke up early, I think around 8am, packed up, had breakfast then prepared kurt. It will only be me, kurt and yaya as hubby has other commitments for that day. We went first to fill up the gas then straight to Makati and meet up with my brother and sister in law. I drove up to the Petron gasoline station in SLEX, I could actually drive until we get home but decided to let my brother drive instead. We arrived there lunch time. Ate adobo, pinakbet and sinaing na tulingan. After lunch, I went to sleep, to recharge since for sure we'll be staying up late that night. Then around late afternoon, I cooked spaghetti, it's actually my first time to cook the simple sweet style spaghetti and I am happy kasi mabenta sya. We had that for merienda. Then we prepared na for dinner which are bulalo, turbo chicken and ate ireen will be bringing pancit lang-lang since it's her birthday that day. Early evening, we already started with the videoke then got a call from hubby telling me that his bowling tournament that night got cancelled so he'll follow us, he'll just take the bus so yehey!! Hubby arrived past 10pm and we're really having a good time singing. It was really fun. Kurt as usual would want to get the microphone so he could sing as well. We really had a great night. They downed 3 bottles of Chivas!

The next day, we ordered lomi for breakfast, since we wont be staying for lunch na. It was not as good as the one our neighbor cooks pero we still enjoyed it. Then, when we're in Lipa na, that's when we realized that its lunch time na pala so we stoppped by Gotohan sa Baranggay and ate lunch there. Yummy yummy goto! kurt was the first one to finish his food. Syempre pa, favorite nya kaya ang sabaw. Very cheap lunch, it only cost us P291! and that's for 5 people!

We droppped by my in laws house in Lipa first as Istong wants to have a picture of the two new labrador puppies taken (oooppps.. which reminds me, I have to download it from my phone). It seems that kurt missed staying there as he still doesn't want us to leave. Hubby drove until the end of Turbina in Calamba then I took over driving until we got home.

We're so tired that hubby and I decided to have a body massage that night! really really good! of all the spas in our village, i still liked the massage of Sublime the best.

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