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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

John Lesaca last friday

My boss gave me two free tickets to watch John Lesaca's In My Life show in Bagaberde, Roxas Blvd. last thursday. It's actually from one of her partners here in the office but since her husband will be arriving from an out of the country trip on the same night as the show, she decided to give it to me.

I am familiar with John Lesaca, I know he's into classical music, being violinist. I am curious to watch it but not totally excited.

Friday came and all go with the plans of watching the show until the Glorieta incident came. Hubby is not comfortable of going out that night, worried about security since Bagaberde is a crowded place. Around 6pm, we've decided not to go so I am looking for someone who can use the ticket kasi sayang namin but most of my officemates has other plans and I am in the client in the office anyway.

I am the one who brought a car since hubby's is on coding. He wanted me to pick him up from Makati. At first, I am hesitant because of the traffic in EDSA going to Makati. But I decided to pick him up anyway. We were surprised that it didn't take us an hour from QC-Timog area to Makati, I guess everybody got scared in going to Glorietta. Ayala was so dark and gloomy when we entered from EDSA. SM, Rustans, Landmark and of course Glorietta are closed but Greenbelt is open.

I dropped by the office first to replicate my mails then met up with hubby at the back of my office. He then told me that we'll go ahead with the plan of watching the show. I was not really excited since I have already set my mind that we're not going.

We dropped by Glorietta first and made uzi kaso we can't see much as the area has been cordoned (sp?) off.

We arrived at Bagaberde at past 8pm and surprised to see that most of the guests are old, mostly on 50s-60s I guess. And more suprised (yet happy) that it is a dinner show. Met up with our sponsor and he showed where we could seat. Dinner consist of: soup, salad, steak wrapped with bacon (forgot what it's called), mashed potatoes and buttered vegetables. Green House, a band consists of the alumni of UP's Alpha Phi Omega fraternity was playing, they are the organizers of the show anyway.

At past 10pm, John Lesaca started and whoa! we were so in awe. Never thought that we'll enjoy it as much as we did. He is really good! Some of my favorite repertoire are:

- Hindi kita malilimutan (didn't know that he was the one who composed the song)
- surprised to see Roxanne Barcelo (of PBB and RX) was there and that she sings beautifully
- My Strength - a song composed by Noelle Cassandra, dedicated to her mom. She is very good in playing the harp, and her voice is as hubby put it "pang high school musical" while for me pang Disney cartoons theme song.
- Am I the same girl - performed by John Lesaca. He looks so cool while playing his violin with matching kembot pa, really really cool
- Waters of March by Sergio Mendez performed by Tots Tolentino - really talented saxophonist! and funny too!
- Twilight time by Platters - still performed by Tots Tolentino
- I also enjoyed it when all of them played together, they played this song which I forgot the title with this lyrics: "Tatanda, at lilisan rin ako, ngunit mayroong awiting iiwanan sa inyong alaala. Dahil minsan tayong nagkasama..." Really good ender.

hay, super sulit that we watched the show. Was glad that we've decided to go after all.

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