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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Calipangers Kita-kits

Last saturday, July 5, we had a get-together with our w@w turned n@w and more specifically knows as calipanga friends. We haven't seen each other as quorum for such a long time that I can't even remember anymore. When Raquel and Carlo had their house blessing and daughter Alyssa's 2.5 birthday last May, Quel and Songs and Lau and Jo were not there (same as the usual absentees: Benz and John, Nyree and Jasper, Ais and Joey and of course Jeanny and Edwin who's in the US na) then before that we had a Christmas dinner in Makati, wala naman sila Raquel and Carlo, and Aileen and Kristian plus the usual absentees above but Ais and Joey was there. There have been a lot of plans and ayain but our schedules won't just meet. This time we decided to push through kasi mababawasan na naman kami ng isa, Jo will be leaving soon for Ukraine so that was our despidida get together for him in their house. Compared to our usual kita-kita since we had kids, this time, we decided not to bring the kids, an all adults affair. And the outcome?! we were surprised when we looked at the time kasi 4am na pala!! and we didn't notice it. We're all so surprised and happy kasi before we had kids, malimit kami mag get-together and we usually go home ng 3am or 4am and now when we meet with the kids, we usually go home at 11pm-12mn, minsan nga earlier pa but this time that we met without the kids, ganun na naman! hay naku! sarap kasi magkwentuhan eh! sapilitan pa ng uwi ang lagay na yan! because of this, we've made a pact na sana eh at least quarterly eh mag get-together ulit kami. And hopefully, our plans for a group anniversary celebration will push through! we just can't believe that we're about to celebrate five years!! and to think, the SARS (surprise anniversary celebration for the Ranas) that was organized when we were planning our wedding pa is John and Benz' 5th wedding anniversary. Parang noon feeling namin ang tagal-tagal na ng five years eh yun pala kami na yun ngayon. Grabe bilis!!

Calipanga family during our 2006 summer outing:
L-R: Lau and Jo with Danielle, Aileen and Kristian with Gabby, Rachel and Denden with Inigo, Benz and John with Kite, Jeanny and Edwin with Keogh, Me and Hubby with Kurt, Quel and Songs with Jeg

Calipanga girls (without Rachel) with Toni during Kite's 5th birthday:

L-R: Nyree, Quel, Me, Toni, Lau, Jeanny, Ais, Aileen and Raquel

Calipanga boys (without Denden) during Kite's 5th birthday:

L-R: Jasper, i think it si Ram ni Toni, Jo, Hubby, Edwin, Joey, Carlo and Songs

Funny kasi ang papayat pa namin grabe!! lahat kasi preparing for wedding pa lang.

After SARS (same night), with the Kink cake (John's surprise gift to us):

Complete kami! L-R, top row: Aileen, Laura, Nyree, Ais; L-R, front row: Rachel, Quel, Benz, Me, Raquel and Jeanny

Complete din sila: L-R, standing: Edwin, Carlo, Joey, John, Songs, Jasper and Jonathan; L-R, seated: Hubby, Denden and Kristian

During the group bridal shower organized by Benz and Tisha, few days after SARS, still in Batis Asul's place, we're holding RAquel's shower gift to us:
We had other pictures kaso most are with hubby but mostly before the wedding kasi on our get-togethers when we had kids, we seldom take pictures na.

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