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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Our daily schedule...

Jane wants to know our daily schedule, so here it goes...

Our schedule is kinda weird, I am a working mom but I don't do alarms, no required time to be in the office so if I don't have a morning meeting, I don't really care as to what time I wake up so my alarm is either hubby or Kurt. But generally, here's our schedule:

6:00am - Kurt wakes me up for dede (yes, he still drinks dede at night - did not bother weaning him yet kasi yoko mawala ang love nya for milk) then we both go back to sleep, OR, if he slept early the previous night, he'll wake us up na shouting: "Wake up! wake up! di na dark! wake up!" LOL!

7:30am - Hubby wakes me up. Kurt's class starts at 11am so no rush in the morning but I can just imagine our schedule next year when he finally moves to big school.

7:35am - Hubby wakes me up again, I am such a sleepy head that he has to wake me up several times, on really tamad days, I just let him leave me and I take my own car to work

7:40ish - Have breakfast

8:00ish - Take a bath, change to office attire, prepare for office

8:30ish - Prepare Kurt's undies (brief and sando), socks, lampin as punas sa likod then check if he has clean uniforms (sometimes I do this na before going to sleep). Prepare his baon - if it needs cooking, but if cookies or cereals lang, prepared na the night before and now, usually MIL asks me na the night before if the little boy wants to bring rice kasi sya na ang nagpeprepare ng ulam I just add rice, juice and water in his lunch box.

8:45ish - Three of us rides the car, yes three of us kasi Kurt gets his daily dose of driving lesson with dada. Hubby lets him drive with him around the block then off we go to office. Kaya sobrang alam nya ang left and right because of this driving

9:30ish - Office

12noon - 2pm - Lunch with officemates or in Glorietta for windowshopping then just takeout lunch

7pm-8pm - Depends on when hubby is ok to go as he usually has either basketball or jogging with officemates, we go home na

8:35 - 9pm - dependes on traffic, have dinner at home, watch LOBO (the only teleserye I watch) LOL! or pag nasa mood we eat out or go shopping

9:15pm - if little boy's still awake, we ask him about school, ask what he wants as baon the next day - as in we'll go through the process of him looking at his pambaon then choose, then kulitan sa bed, read LOTs of books

10:00pm-10:30pm - puts him to sleep - if he had a nap, he usually sleeps at past 11pm

10:30pm-12mn - watching tv with hubby or blogging

We have a different schedule though on Mondays kasi hubby has bowling tournament on Mondays, eh since I don't usually drive on Mondays as coding ako, I go with him. We leave the office at 7pm to get to Robinsons Place Manila by 8pm - he'll go bowling while I do window shopping then we get home past 10pm and usually the little boy's sleeping na.

Our unofficial rule is if we arrive the prior night na tulog na si little boy we make it up the next morning by playing with him longer before going to work.

Then on fridays, I usually also would bring my car as I want to be home early unless may gimik kami ni hubby. I'll be home by past 7pm then I'll check the little boy's bag for homework then play with him na.

On days when I bring my car, I usually get home at past 7pm so more time with the little boy.

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Jane said...

thanks for sharing your daily sched with the little boy juliet. kurt's class pala starts at 11am so no rush nga.