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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Baby bump tag

Tet wants to know...

What I love about being pregnant

Me while 5 1/2 months pregnant:

Me while 8 months pregnant:

Hubby and I five days before giving birth:

Blooming ako when I was pregnant that's why most of them thought I'm carrying a girl.

SHOPPING, SHOPPING, SHOPPING!!! a great excuse to splurge on my hobby

I look good on preggy clothes

I am super spoiled with hubby that I can eat anything that I want

The thought that someone is growing inside my tummy

That my having a BIG tummy is normal! LOL!

And since having a big tummy is normal, I had the guts to wear two-piece swimsuit! LOL!

The frequent ultrasounds with my OB

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I'm tagging Jane, Jody and Pat!


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Vannie said...

hi juls, thanks for playing along. added u in the masterlist already ^_^


Pat said...

thanks for the tag. did it na -