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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Search for the best Banana Cream Pie

I have always been a fan of banana cream pie or banofee pie, I actually posted about this last year here. Well, anyway, I would just like to post that this year I found three new restos/coffee shop/dessert shop where I can indulge on this favorite of mine.

One - Classic Confections in Greenbelt 5

I actually learned about this from this blog and well, given that it's near my workplace, I did not waste any time and tried it for myself. Katawa ako actually kasi feeling food writer ako, as in I logged in my cellphone the actual experience while eating the banana cream pie. So to share, here's my opinion about the pie on the exact time that I am eating it:

"Dense chewy nutty crust, not too sweet with a hint of cinnamon. The cream is not too sweet too. On top of the cream are the slices of ripe bananas then a weave of whipped cream on top then garnished with swirls of caramel syrup. My only wish is that they have a banofee pie version. Illy coffee served is not too strong just perfect for my pie. I just wonder how the crust is done as I don't see a hint or taste of any graham crackers in it. Tastes like all the sweetness comes from the crust. I thought it's caramel cream but when I tasted it on its own, it's different. It's so good but when you're eating one mini pie alone, all the sweetness sinks in and now you wish that you're not alone. My verdict, it's good but shouldn't be eaten alone as it is too much sweetness for one person."

Ha! and now that I visited their website, I learned that the cream pala is a vanilla custard while the crust is crushed cashew nut. Teeheee...

Two - Bo's Coffee Club

And I just tried it now. Hmm.. I think this one is the cheapest among all my faves though I can't remember the price na in Banapple so I'm not sure. This one is so small, which is perfect for me, kasi hindi pagsasawaan as compared with the one from Classic Confections, di ko talaga kaya ubusin mag-isa.

Three - Myron's Place

Photo taken from Dessert Comes First

Well this one, I haven't tried yet. I am super curious as its presentation is different, as the sliced bananas are on top. I actually planned on ordering that after our lunch posted here kaso we're so full na and I realized that after that lunch eh sa coffee shop ako tatambay so we weren't able to try it na. I was actually contemplating of ordering a take out of it so I can try it. Maybe next time.

So, now that I tried a lot of versions of banana cream pie/banoffee pie, I honestly don't know anymore which version is my favorite. Now, what I am trying to look for na is a recipe on how to do it. I tried doing the banofee pie before but not too successful. I am now off my quest for that recipe search and more restaurant finds for this pie.

Photos of Bo's Coffee Club's banana cream pie to follow as I don't have my cellphone's LAN cable with me right now.

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