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Monday, October 29, 2007

Joy ride

To those who know us well, they know that hubby and I are layas. We both have nunal on our foot and looks like our son is starting to have one as he is one hell of a "layas" too. After spending an almost whole day of watching dvds, surfing the net, playing "Burger Rush" (that's me) in the 'puter, we've realized that we can't take it not to go out today.

Our destination? Unknown. We prepared with no idea where to go. Then when we're already in C5, that's when hubby thought that we visit his dad's lot in Maris Village in Tandang Sora. They're offering this lot to us but we're having second thoughts on getting it due to its very far location. You see, we work in Makati, my province is Batangas and most of our family are in the south except for ate gem who's living in Kamias, but that's not so far though.

Anyway, we visited the place and yeah, its really far. 2.5 kms from the Tiera Pura gate to the lot then from the Tiera Pura gate to Manila Water in Balara was another 5 kms. We no longer bothered to get the distance from there to Pasig as it is really far.

Highlight of the trip, we visited Banapple Pies and Cheesecakes along Katipunan. You see, I fell in love with banofee pie eversince I tasted Starbucks' version, then I tried Sonjas and Red Ribbon. So far, Sonja's still the best for me. Banofee pie is my new favorite, replacing my old time favorite - chocolate mousse. So, hubby's officemate mentioned about this place and hubby knowing that I love banofee pie told me about it. The place is cozy and is full packed. What did we order? of course banofee pie, praline banana cream pie, americano coffee for me and home made iced tea for hubby and kurt. It was good!!! still thinking though if I like this better than Sonja's.

Here's some of the pictures I snagged from blogs I searched in Google.

And here's pictures of the little boy devouring the banana cream pie and a picture of the "abused" banofee pie (LOL!) taken using hubby's camera phone:
Sorry if its grainy, low tech camera phone, P910 LOL!

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Nyree said...

Anlaki na ni Kurt! :)